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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eckart Tolle's present moment

I was reading Eckart Tolle's, +A New Earth+, and I came across an
interesting observation that I want to share with you.

I know you're busy so I'll paraphrase the concept and keep it
short :-)

In nature, ducks fight. Just like humans, gorillas, etc, they fight. But
what's different is that duck fights don't last very long. Once they're
done the ducks flap their wings vigorously, releasing built up
energy during the fight and then back away, floating in opposite
directions as if nothing ever happened.

BUT, if the duck had a human mind, it would keep the fight going.
At least in the duck's mind, making up stories, excuses, false
accusations, and assuming the worst about the other duck.

Instead of floating on, the duck would think "How dare that other
duck come into my part of the pond. He's probably talking about
me right now, trying to sabotage me!" That's how a duck would
think if he had a human mind.

As Tolle says, "This is the emotional thinking of the ego." And you
can see it can be pretty destructive. Unfortunately we as humans
suffer from this kind of thought pattern, preventing us from fully
achieving our potential.

Without knowing it, we are bound by our excuses, negative
thoughts, and Ego.

As Eckart Tolle put it, "We are a species that has lost its way.
Everything natural, every flower or tree, and every animal have
important lessons to teach us if we would only stop, look and
listen. Our duck's lesson is this: Flap your wings – which translates
as “let go of the story” and return to the only place of power: the
present moment."

So if you're ready to go back to the present moment and regain
your power, then I invite you to connect to the One Universal Mind.

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