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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pseudo secularism and selective condemnation have never and can never succeed in suppressing facts and truth for long

Dr. SUBRAMANYA SWAMY is being attacked verbally by a leftist and pro ISLAM groups inside HARVARD asking HARVARD to ban him from teaching there and also some congress hooligans attacking his house at DELHI.
So ,I wrote this in the HARVARD face book page and also in some magazines in the USA read and get back to me
HARVARD must not fall a prey to leftist ideologues and pseudo secularists both of whom operate with hidden agenda and hypocritical postures that's why they oppose any one who speaks the truth. They presume that they are the soul patrons of opinion molding industry so they oppose SUBRAMANY SWAMY'S speech the sane and educated people must realize this rot otherwise Harvard will become like former USSR and present day IRAN or worse still Pakistan
Why is expressing facts and trying to promote the most tolerant and intelligent way of life [not religion controlled by one institution, one god and one scripture] as demonstrated over centuries of historical records wrong?
Why is the left which always sides with human rights violations and terrorist outfits in the name of any ism, starting from Stalinism to communism which disintegrates humanity and jeopardizes life becomes jittery when the only sponsors of their negative activities both in THE WEST in Europe and USA and in the East in India, China etc are condemned?
Pseudo secularism and selective condemnation have never and can never succeed in suppressing facts and truth for long; it has been proved throughout the history of human race, the recent one being the crumbling of Berlin wall which brought human beings together and the crushing of USSR which revealed the hidden reality of abysmal life that human beings led there ; in India the left has been left out of the political process and the world will be better place if the India- centric left over LEFT is left out of MEDIA and other universities because these pseudo intellectuals without either cultural or humanitarian or spiritually inspired scriptural moorings can spoil the youth ,the below average intellectuals and the uneducated who can cause enough negative impact on humanity as the only thing the LEFTISTS are strong in, is using their brainwashing techniques through sloganeering which blocks reason and reasoned evaluation of men and matters
Fortunately many in the west and especially in USA as freedom loving human beings trying to evolve further in their life beyond the material comforts and consumerism are seeking intrinsically valuable facts and truths which can enhance life in general in all realms of human activity starting from science to organized religions to hitherto sidelined ways of life are veering towards Sanathana Dharma and are adopting the right attitudes towards life unmindful of freedom restricting modes life styles in which they were born in and indoctrinated into. I appeal to those sane elements in the West itself to unite and give a fitting reply to these pseudo intellectuals and pseudo secularists who have been cause of defeat of everything that enhances life of human beings starting from economic growth to free, friendly humane social survival to aesthetically and culturally sound cohabitation to spiritual enlightenment.

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