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Monday, December 5, 2011


Buying groceries:
comparing unit prices
estimating how much your total bill will be

Balancing your checkbook

Tracking your finances in general, especially if you invest your money (calculating interest)

Paying your taxes

Gambling (necessary if you want to be good at Texas hold-em)

Estimating how much paint you need to buy to paint a wall/house (you need to calculate areas, estimate coverage, etc. You will need math whenever you do house-stuff, like fixing up your basement, installing new insulation.

Time management (you only get 24 hours per day!)

Estimating how long it will take you to make a trip in a car (given average speed, distance to drive)

I could probably think of more examples, but I doubt any involve calculus.
· Addition: Financial Addition; Geometric Progression; Poker, Probability, and Other Uses of Addition; Sports and Fitness Addition; Using Addition to Predict and Entertain;
· Algebra: Art; Building Skyscrapers; Buying Light Bulbs; College Football; Crash Tests; Fingerprint Scanners; Flying an Airplane; Fundraising; Personal Finances; Population Dynamics; Private Space Travel; Skydiving; Teleportation; UPC Barcodes;
· Algorithms: Archeology; Artificial Intelligence; Computer Programming; Credit Card Fraud Detection; Cryptology; Data Mining; Digital Animation and Digital Model Creation; DNA or Genetic Analysis; Encryption and Encryption Devices; The Genetic Code; Imaging; Internet Data Transmission; Linguistics, the Study of Language; Mapping; Market or Sales Analysis; Operational Algorithms; Security Devices; Sports Standings and Seedings; Tax Returns;
· Architectural Math: Architectural Concepts in Wheels; Architectural Symmetry in Buildings; Architecture; Astronomy; Ergonomics; Geometry, Basic Forms and Shapes of; Golden Rectangle and Golden Ratio; Grids, Use of; Jewelry; Measurement; Proportion; Ratio; Ratio and Proportion, Use of; Scale Drawing; Space (Use Of); Sports; Symmetry; Symmetry in City Planning; Technology; Textile and Fabrics;
· Area: Area of a Rectangle; Areas of Common Shapes; Areas of Solid Objects; Buying by Area; Car Radiators; Cloud and Ice Area and Global Warming; Drug Dosing; Filtering; Solar Panels; Surveying; Units of Area;
· Average: Arithmetic Mean; The “Average” Family; Average Lifespan; Averaging for Accuracy; Batting Averages; Evolution in Action; Geometric Mean; Grades; How Many Galaxies?; Insurance; Mean; Median; Space Shuttle Safety; Student Loan Consolidation; Weighted Averages in Business; Weighted Averages in Grading;
· Base: Base 2 and Computers;
· Business Math: Accounting; Budgets; Earnings; Interest; Payroll; Profits;
· Calculator Math: Bridge Construction; Combinatorics; Compound Interest; Financial Transactions; Measurement Calculations; Nautical Navigation; Random Number Generator; Supercomputers; Understanding Weather;
· Calculus: Applications of Derivatives; Derivative; Functions; Fundamental Theorem of Calculus; Integral; Integrals, Applications; Maxima and Minima;
· Calendars: Gregorian Calendar; Islamic and Chinese Calendars; Leap Year;
· Cartography: Coordinate Systems; GIS-Based Site Selection; GPS Navigation; Map Projection; Natural Resources Evaluation and Protection; Scale; Topographic Maps;
· Charts: Bar Charts; Basic Charts; Choosing the Right Type of Chart For the Data; Clustered Column Charts; Column and Bar Charts; Line Charts; Pie Charts; Stacked Column Charts; Using the Computer to Create Charts; X-Y Scatter Graphs;
· Computers and Mathematics: Algorithms; Binary System; Bits; Bytes; Compression; Data Transmission; Encryption; IP Address; Pixels, Screen Size, and Resolution; Subnet Mask; Text Code;
· Conversions: Absolute Systems; Arbitrary Systems; Cooking or Baking Temperatures; Derived Units; English System; International System of Units (SI); Metric Units; Units Based On Physical or “Natural” Phenomena; Weather Forecasting;
· Coordinate Systems: 3-D Systems On Ordinance Survey Maps; Cartesian Coordinate Plane; Changing Between Coordinate Systems; Choosing the Best Coordinate System; Commercial Aviation; Coordinate Systems Used in Board Games;
· Coordinate Systems Used for Computer: Animation; Dimensions of a Coordinate System; Longitude and John Harrison; Modern Navigation and GPS; Paper Maps of the World; Polar Coordinates; Radar Systems and Polar Coordinates; Vectors;
· Decimals: Grade Point Average Calculations; Measurement Systems; Science;
· Demographics: Census; Election Analysis; Geographic Information System Technology;
· Discrete Mathematics: Algorithms; Boolean Algebra; Combinatorial Chemistry; Combinatorics; Computer Design; Counting Jaguars Using Probability Theory; Cryptography; Finding New Drugs with Graph Theory; Graphs; Logic,Sets,and Functions; Looking Inside the Body With Matrices; Matrix Algebra; Number Theory; Probability Theory; Searching the Web; Shopping Online and Prime Numbers;
· Division: Averages; Division and Comparison; Division and Distribution; Division, Other Uses; Practical Uses of Division For Students;
· Domain and Range: Astronomers; Calculating Odds and Outcomes; Computer Control and Coordination; Computer Science; Engineering; Graphs,Charts,Maps; Physics;
· Elliptic Functions: The Age of the Universe; Conformal Maps; E-Money;
· Estimation: Buying a Used Car; Carbon Dating; Digital Imaging; Gumball Contest; Hubble Space Telescope; Population Sampling; Software Development;
· Exponents: Bases and Exponents; Body Proportions and Growth (Why Elephants Don’t Have Skinny Legs); Credit Card Meltdown; Expanding Universe; Exponential Functions; Exponential Growth; Exponents and Evolution; Integer Exponents; Interest and Inflation; Non-Integer Exponents; Radioactive Dating; Radioactive Decay; Rotting Leftovers; Scientific Notation;
· Factoring: Codes and Code Breaking; Distribution; Geometry and Approximation of Size; Identification of Patterns and Behaviors; Reducing Equations; Skill Transfer;
· Financial Calculations, Personal: Balancing a Checkbook; Budgets; Buying Music; Calculating a Tip; Car Purchasing and Payments; Choosing a Wireless Plan; Credit Cards; Currency Exchange; Investing; Retirement Investing; Social Security System; Understanding Income Taxes;
· Fractals: Astronomy; Building Fractals; Cell Phone and Radio Antenna; Computer Science; Fractals and Nature; Modeling Hurricanes and Tornadoes; Nonliving Systems; Similarity;
· Fractions: Algebra; Cooking and Baking; Fractions and Decimals; Fractions and Percentages; Fractions and Voting; Music; Overtime Pay; Radioactive Waste; Rules For Handling Fractions; Simple Probabilities; Tools and Construction; Types ofFractions; What Is a Fraction?;
· Functions: Body Mass Index; Finite-Element Models; Functions, Described; Functions and Relations; Guilloché Patterns; Making Airplanes Fly; The Million-Dollar Hypothesis; Nuclear Waste; Synths and Drums;
· Game Math: Basic Board Games; Card Games; Magic Squares; Math Puzzles; Other Casino Games;
· Game Theory: Artificial Intelligence; Decision Theory; eBay and the Online Auction World; Economics; Economics and Game Theory; Evolution and Animal Behavior; General Equilibrium; Infectious Disease Therapy; Nash Equilibrium;
· Geometry: Architecture; Fireworks; Fourth Dimension; Global Positioning; Honeycombs; Manipulating Sound; Pothole Covers; Robotic Surgery; Rubik’s Cube; Shooting an Arrow; Solar Systems; Stealth Technology;
· Graphing: Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics; Area Graphs; Bar Graphs; Biomedical Research; Bubble Graphs; Computer Network Design; Finding Oil; Gantt Graphs; Global Warming; GPS Surveying; Line Graphs; Physical Fitness; Picture Graphs; Pie Graphs; Radar Graphs; X-Y Graphs;
· Imaging: Altering Images; Analyzing Images; Art; Compression; Creating Images; Dance; Forensic Digital Imaging; Meat and Potatoes; Medical Imaging; Optics; Recognizing Faces: a Controversial Biometrics Application; Steganography and Digital Watermarks;
· Information Theory: Communications; Error Correction; Information and Meaning; Information Theory in Biology and Genetics; Quantum Computing; Unequally Likely Messages;
· Inverse: Anti-Sound; The Brain and the Inverted Image On the Eye; Cryptography; Definition ofan Inverse; Fluid Mechanics and Nonlinear Design; Inverse Functions; The Multiplicative Inverse; Negatives Used in Photography; Operations Where the Inverse Does Not Exist; Operations With More Than One Inverse; Stealth Submarine Communications; Stereo;
· Iteration: Iteration and Business; Iteration and Computers; Iteration and Creativity; Iteration and Sports;
· Linear Mathematics: Earthquake Prediction; Linear Programming; Linear Reproduction of Music; Recovering Human Motion From Video; Virtual Tennis;
· Logarithms: Algebra of Powers of Logarithms; Computer Intensive Applications; Cryptography and Group Theory; Designing Radioactive Shielding for Equipment in Space; Developing Optical Equipment; Estimating the Age of Organic Matter Using Carbon Dating; Log Tables; Logarithms to Other Bases Than 10; The Power of Mathematical Notation; Powers and Logs of Base 10; Powers and Their Relation to Logarithms; Supersonic and Hypersonic Flight; Use in Medical Equipment; Using a Logarithmic Scale to Measure Sound Intensity;
· Logic: Boolean Logic; Fuzzy Logic; Proposition and Conclusion; Reasoning;
· Matrices and Determinants: Designing Cars; Digital Images; Flying the Space Shuttle; Population Biology;
· Measurement: Accuracy in Measurement; Archaeology; Architecture; Blood Pressure; Chemistry; Computers; The Definition of a Second; Dimensions; Doctors and Medicine; Engineering; Evaluating Errors in Measurement and Quality Control; Gravity; How Astronomers and NASA Measure Distances in Space; Measuring Distance; Measuring Mass; Measuring the Speed of Gravity; Measuring Speed, Space Travel, and Racing; Measuring Time; Navigation; Nuclear Power Plants; Space Travel and Timekeeping; Speed of Light;
· Medical Mathematics: Calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI); Clinical Trials; Genetic Risk Factors: the Inheritance of Disease; Rate of Bacterial Growth; Standard Deviation and Variance for Use in Height and Weight Charts; Value of Diagnostic Tests;
· Modeling: Ecological Modeling; Military Modeling;
· Multiplication: Sports Multiplication: Calculating a Baseball ERA; Calculating Exponential Growth Rates; Calculating Miles Per Gallon; Electronic Timing; Exponents and Growth Rates; Investment Calculations; Measurement Systems; Multiplication in International Travel; Other Uses of Multiplication; Rate of Pay; Savings; SPAM and Email Communications;
· Music and Mathematics: Acoustic Design; Compressing Music; Computer-Generated Music; Digital Music; Discordance of the Spheres; Electronic Instruments; Error Correction; Frequency of Concert A; Mathematical Analysis of Sound; Math-Rock; Medieval Monks; Pythagoras and Strings; Quantification of Music; Using Randomness; Well-Tempered Tones;
· Nature and Numbers: Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio; Mathematical Modeling of Nature; Specify Application Using Alphabetizable Title; Using Fractals to Represent Nature;
· Negative Numbers: Accounting Practice; Buildings; Flood Control; The Mathematics of Bookkeeping; Sports; Temperature Measurement;
· Number Theory: Cryptography; Error Correcting Codes;
· Odds: Odds in Everyday Life; Odds in State Lotteries; Odds, Other Applications; Sports and Entertainment Odds;
· Percentages: Calculating a Tip; Compound Interest; Definitions and Basic Applications; Examples of Common Percentage Applications; Finding the Base Rate; Finding the Original Amount; Finding the Rate of Increase or Decrease; Finding the Rate Percent; Important Percentage Applications; Percentage Change: Increase or Decrease; Public Opinion Polls; Ratios, Proportions, and Percentages; Rebate Period and Cost; Rebates; Retail Sales: Price Discounts and Markups and Sales Tax; Sales Tax Calculation: In-Store Discount Versus Mail-In Rebate; Sales Tax Calculations; SAT Scores or Other Academic Testing; Sports Math; Tournaments and Championships; Understanding Percentages in the Media; Using Percentages to Make Comparisons;
· Perimeter: Bodies of Water; Landscaping; Military; Planetary Exploration; Robotic Perimeter Detection Systems; Security Systems; Sporting Events;
· Perspective: Animation; Art; Computer Graphics; Film; Illustration; Interior Design; Landscaping;
· Photography Math: The Camera; Depth of Field; Digital Image Processing; Digital Photography; Film Speed; Lens Aperture; Lens Focal Length; Photomicrography; Reciprocity; Shutter Speed; Sports and Wildlife Photography;
· Plots and Diagrams: Area Chart; Bar Graphs; Body Diagram; Box Plot; Circuit Diagram; Diagrams; Fishbone Diagram; Flow Chart; Gantt Charts; Line Graph; Maps; Organization Charts; Other Diagrams; Pie Graph; Polar Chart; Properties of Graphs; Scatter Graph; Stem and Leaf Plots; Street Signs; Three-Dimensional Graph; Tree Diagram; Triangular Graph; Weather Maps;
· Powers: Acids, Bases, and pH Level; Areas of Polygons and Volumes of Solid Figures; Astronomy and Brightness of Stars; Computer Science and Binary Logic; Earthquakes and the Richter Scale; The Powers of Nanotechnology;
· Prime Numbers: Biological Applications of Prime Numbers;
· Probability: Gambling and Probability Myths; Probability in Business and Industry; Probability,Other Uses; Probability in Sports and Entertainment; Security;
· Proportion: Architecture; Art, Sculpture, and Design; Chemistry; Diets; Direct Proportion; Engineering Design; Ergonomics; Inverse Proportion; Maps; Medicine; Musical Instruments; Proportion in Nature; Solving Ratios With Cross Products; Stock Market;
· Quadratic, Cubic, and Quartic Equations: Acceleration; Area and Volume; Car Tires; Guiding Weapons; Hospital Size; Just in Time Manufacturing;
· Ratio: Age of Earth; Automobile Performance; Cleaning Water; Cooking; Cost of Gas; Determination of the Origination of the Moon; Genetic Traits; Healthy Living; Length of a Trip; Music; Optimizing Livestock Production; Sports; Stem Cell Research; Student-Teacher Ratio;
· Rounding: Accounting; Bulk Purchases; Decimals; Energy Consumption; Length and Weight; Lunar Cycles; Mileage; Pi; Population; Precision; Time; Weight Determination; Whole Numbers;
· Rubric: Analytic Rubrics and Holistic Rubrics; General Rubrics and Task-Specific Rubrics; Scoring Rubrics;
· Sampling: Agriculture; Archeology; Astronomy; Demographic Surveys; Drug Manufacturing; Environmental Studies; Market Assessment; Marketing; Non-Probability Sampling; Plant Analysis; Probability Sampling; Scientific Research; Soil Sampling; Weather Forecasts;
· Scale: Architecture; Atmospheric Pressure Using Barometer; The Calendar; Expanse of Scale From the Sub-Atomic to the Universe; Interval Scale; Linear Scale; Logarithmic Scale; Map Scale; Measuring Wind Strength; The Metric System ofMeasurement; Music; Nominal Scale; Ordinal Scale; Ratio Scale; The Richter Scale; Sampling; Technology and Imaging; Toys; Weighing Scale;
· Scientific Math: Aviation and Flights; Bridging Chasms; Discrete Math; Earthquakes and Logarithms; Equations and Graphs; Estimating Data Used for Assessing Weather; Functions and Measurements; Genetics; Logarithms; Matrices and Arrays; Medical Imaging; Rocket Launch; Ships; Simple Carpentry; Trigonometry and the Pythagorean Theorem; Weather Prediction; Wind Chill in Cold Weather;
· Scientific Notation: Absolute Dating; Chemistry; Computer Science; Cosmology; Earth Science; Electrical Circuits; Electronics; Engineering; Environmental Science; Forensic Science; Geologic Time Scale and Geology; Light Years, the Speed of Light, and Astronomy; Medicine; Nanotechnology; Proteins and Biology;
· Sequences, Sets, and Series: Genetics; Operating On Sets; Ordering Things; Sequences; Series; Sets; Using Sequences;
· Sports Math: Baseball; Basketball; Cycling—Gear Ratios and How They Work; Football—How Far was the Pass Thrown?; Football Tactics—Math as a Decision-Making Tool; Golf Technology; Math and the Science of Sport; Math and Sports Wagering; Math to Understand Sports Performance; Mathematics and the Judging of Sports; Money in Sport—Capology 101; North American Football; Pascal’s Triangle and Predicting a Coin Toss; Predicting the Future: Calling the Coin Toss; Ratings Percentage Index (RPI); Rules Math; Soccer—Free Kicks and the Trajectory of the Ball; Understanding the Sports Media Expert;
· Square and Cube Roots: Architecture; Global Economics; Hiopasus’s Fatal Discovery; Names and Conventions; Navigation; Pythagorean Theorem; Sports; Stock Markets;
· Statistics: Analysis of Variance; Average Values; Confidence Intervals; Correlation and Curve Fitting; Cumulative Frequencies and Quantiles; Geostatistics; Measures ofDispersion; Minimum,Maximum, and Range; Populations and Samples; Probability; Public Opinion Polls; Quality Assurance; Statistical Hypothesis Testing; Using Statistics to Deceive;
· Subtraction: Subtraction in Entertainment and Recreation; Subtraction in Financial Calculations; Subtraction in Politics and Industry; Tax Deductions;
· Symmetry: Architecture; Exploring Symmetries; Fractal Symmetries; Imperfect Symmetries; Symmetries in Nature;
· Tables: Converting Measurements; Daily Use; Educational Tables; Finance; Health; Math Skills; Travel;
· Topology: Computer Networking; I.Q. Tests; Möbius Strip; Visual Analysis; Visual Representation;
· Trigonometry: Chemical Analysis; Computer Graphics; Law of Sines; Measuring Angles; Navigation; Pythagorean Theorem; Surveying, Geodesy, and Mapping; Trigonometric Functions; Types of Triangles; Vectors, Forces, and Velocities;
· Vectors: 3-D Computer Graphics; Drag Racing; Land Mine Detection; The Magnitude ofa Vector; Sports Injuries; Three-Dimensional Vectors; Two-Dimensional Vectors; Vector Algebra; Vectors in Linear Algebra;
· Volume: Biometric Measurements; Building and Architecture; Compression Ratios in Engines; Glowing Bubbles: Sonoluminescence; Medical Applications; Misleading Graphics; Pricing; Runoff; Sea Level Changes; Swimming Pool Maintenance; Units of Volume; Volume of a Box; Volumes of Common Solids; Why Thermometers Work;
· Word Problems: Accounts and VAT; Archaeology; Architecture; Average Height?; Banks, Interest Rates, and Introductory Rates; Bearings and Directions of Travel; Comparisons; Computer Programming; Cooking Instructions; Creative Design; Cryptography; Decorating; Disease Control; Ecology; Efficient Packing and Organization; Engineering; Exchange Rates; Finance; Geology; Global Warming; Graph Theory; Hypothesis Testing; Insurance; Linear Programming; Lotteries and Gambling; Measuring Height ofa Well; Medicine and Cures; MMR Immunization and Autism; Navigation; Opinion Polls; Percentages; Phone Companies; Postman; Proportion and Inverse Proportion; Quality Control; Ranking Test Scores; Recipes; ROTA and Timetables; Searching in an Index; Seeding in Tournaments; Shortest Links to Establish Electricity to a Whole Town; Software Design; Stock Keeping; Store Assistants; Surveying; Teachers; Throwing a Ball; Translation; Travel and Racing; Traveling Salesperson; Weather;
· Zero-Sum Games: Currency, Futures, and Stock Markets; Experimental Gaming; Gambling; War;
Math crops up in many ways
· - shopping, ensuring that the items you've picked up don't cost more than the amount of money you can afford;
· - bus/train/plane timetables
· - buying wallpaper/carpets
· - cooking recipes

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