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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life is a cycle-ultimately nature teaches a lesson to lessen your over consumption and opulence

Life is a cycle, be it for the individual or the nation or the religious group or any social group; it is a constant process in movement wherein if you have grown as a nation on colonial loot from other nations [ as in the case of BRITS] or by mere political messing around and international manipulations [as in the case of USA] or crushing the freedom of the populace through punishments and painful killings to promote an economic system which is against human nature [as in the case of communism in USSR] then ultimately nature teaches a lesson to lessen your over consumption and opulence, it teaches you painful lessons to change the mental makeup from imperialistic and hegemonic bossy insolence to imbibe virtues of hard work, concern for the less privileged , compassion as a human species and a painful realization that you do not and cannot get better life and privilege over others without proper means of hard work, intellectual development and a real sense of sharing with compassion without condescending; if as a religion you have presumed that only your invented God is the only god and that the only Scripture that you have read is the gospel truth and those who do not fall in line must be crushed through Crusades ,then ,nature will after a few centuries create the Jihads to make you realize how bad and wrong it was on your part  to have  inflicted  pain and ridicule on others, whose more advanced and enlightened philosophies you did not even understand but labeled  them derogatorily as heathens, pagans and what not; nature prompts  very often through many pop up screens, the necessity to amend your attitudes and ways of life and veer you away from leading a life involving  spoiling the welfare of others through centuries of warfare and prejudices but when you  fail to realize the importance of these pop up screens nature sits as a virus and does not allow you to see the very main screen.

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