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Sunday, December 4, 2011


By Dr. Babu Suseelan
Wednesday, June 15, 2011
India is facing alarming social-political-cultural problems.
Intellectuals, nationalist political leaders, and patriotic news
papers give considerable attention to the real aspects of our social
problems. There is a general agreement that corruption, social
stratification, money laundering, hawala transaction, black money,
murder for hire, crime violence, coercive religious conversion,
Jihadi terrorism, social unrest by Maoist and missionary misfits,
border disorder, Chinese and Pakistani border intrusion, Jihadi
infiltration from Pakistan and Bangladesh, looting by our corrupt
political rulers are rampant in India.

But on such severe issues there is much less agreement on how to
solve these pertinent social problems threatening India. Why?
Political leaders of the corrupt Congress ruling party of the center
headed by the uneducated, Italian born catholic Sonia Maino and many
anti-national regional parties (DMK of Karunanidhi, Bhajan Samaj
Party of Mayavathi, Samajvadi Party of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Marxist
Party of Pinaroy Vijayan and Karrat) have different interpretations
on the conditions that many people consider undesirable that affects
many people in India. Radical Muslims, conversion mafia, missionary
misfits, Marxist criminals, bogus secular leaders and the corrupt
congress party have different interpretations and view these social
problems as beneficial for their survival. The elite party leaders
benefit and become rich by looting and resorting to deceptive and
corrupt means. But there are few befits for the common man in India.
These criminal ruling gangsters develop a sinister and cunning
strategy in maintaining the corrupt practices. The anti national
foreign owned media protect these anti national criminals and engage
in a blame game of the victims and engaged in a masterly designed
psychological war to misdirect the public. They often support
repressive-corrupt political parties and blame the victims, the
majority Hindus

This status quo is undesirable and unacceptable. But the corrupt
anti-national political parties and the bogus media view these
alarming problems as unproblematic. Many adverse conditions vary in
intensity and affect the majority Hindus. This causes serious
discomfort most of the time.

Anarchists, Maoists, Naxals, vagabonds, miscreants, counterfeiters,
and subversive groups are aided, managed and directed by our enemies.
They are creating havoc in many regions of the country. These
misinformed miscreants and saboteurs are bent on destroying our
society and shamelessly destabilize our nation. These misinformed
agents of our enemies have determined to use bombs, explosives and
modern weapons on innocent civilians thus destroying the social
fabric and put poor people in the lurch.

The dogmatic ideologies of Jihadis, Conversion gang and the Marxists
and restrictive policies of the bogus secular government have harmed
Hindus and the nation. But they have never borne the blame. They harm
the social environment, culture and the nation and the corrupt
congress government is eager to cover up the fact.

The mass media and political parties are selective in their choice of
definition and solution to these social problems. They ignore
alarming social problems and blame peace loving, passive Hindus, thus
preventing Hindus from new forms of collective social actions. Most
of the radio, television and news papers are controlled by foreigners
(Muslims, Christens and radical Marxists) the issues become
complicated and they misinterpret our social problems. The Corrupt
Congress party, and anti national regional parties like DMK, BSP, SP
and Marxist party constantly blame our social organizations like VHP,
RSS and spiritual leaders like Baba Ram Dev, Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami
Viswesara Thritha, who promote peace, social responsibility and
eradication of corruption, black money, jihadi terrorism, and
coercive religious conversion. They promote national integration and
our eternal Dhara emphasizing a reverence for the cumulative wisdom
of our society, traditions, and valuable institutions. These
nationalist organizations and spiritual leaders promote positive
virtue, freedom, and oppose intolerance of the dogmatist

Today anti Hindutva has been a major tenet of the phony secular
ideology of the Congress party, DMK, Marxists, and BSP. They consider
law abiding, peace loving, tolerant Hindus as a threat to our
economic system and national integration. The reason for the corrupt
ruling elite to blame Hindus is obvious. Hindus are becoming active
and assertive and attempt to put an end to looting, corruption, and
resist unscrupulous means by the anti national parties for

The corrupt Congress rulers, and regional warlords seek India in
which there is no peace, stability, but they also try to appease
Muslims, Christians and mischief mongers. The media also engage in
psychological warfare to keep Hindus passive, and indolent. Their
apathy, indifference and irrational tolerance create opportunities
for continued looting, corruption, coercive religious conversion,
border disorder, social crisis, Jihadi terrorism, and the
introduction of valueless values.

Several regional parties and the Marxists are a threat to our
spiritual tradition and our democratic-political cultural system and
individual freedoms. Their willingness to use unscrupulous means to
obtain control of the country and domination is a major justification
for a social revolution to establish Ram Rajya. The western Christian
governments seek an India in which there are opportunities for
Western Business interests. Corrupt Indian politicians support
efforts of the western capitalists and do not question the overall
framework to destabilize India or western involvement in creating
internal conflicts.

The Hindu concept of human nature and the nation is different. Hindus
do not have a jaundiced view of human nature. Hindus are passive,
peace loving, tolerant and secular. This trait is often portrayed in
a negative light, but more frequently corrupt and crooked politicians
consider this passive trait as essential to continue their corrupt

The problems hurting India could have been avoided or mitigated by
effective approaches based on Hindu thinking. Yet, in each case the
corrupt anti national bogus congress leader's approach is not to
admit failure-but to condemn Hindu thinking, deny the problem exists,
blame it on Hindus or even to claim as victory. Lately the corrupt
politicians have one answer to all pertinent questions "Blame the
Victim-the Hindus". But it's not a one-size fits-all answer to all
serious questions. The ruling crooks have no ground breaking new plan
to bring back billions of rupees stashed abroad, recover billions of
rupees looted from the treasury hoarded by criminal politicians and
immoral bureaucrats and to unearth black money as well as to prevent

These ruling elites are bent on destroying our nation by continuing
discrediting our spiritual leaders, Hindu organizations with solid
and sensible and right plan for India.

The truth demonstrates that there is still hope of replacing corrupt-
criminal and fraudulent politicians by cornering and containing them.
Hindus should unite and strong social sanction-both formal and
informal should be imposed on them. A force continuum shall be
applied to eliminate or put them in restrictive environment to save
the nation and our eternal Dharm. Hindus are morally right in taking
appropriate practically necessary social revolution. A social
revolution based on our culture will make a major contribution to the
rising of social-political-moral consciousness throughout India. The
aroused public can make a difference. It will eliminate corrupt
politicians; liberate our temples and powerful institutions from the
control of criminal. It is natural for Hindus to act in this way.

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