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Monday, December 5, 2011

Elephants are great

Indeed of a very high class touching scene that took place some decades ago . I take this opportunity to share it with you all.

In Kerala , there was a 4 legged Ganesa namely Keshavan . He was a the best person  of His days  and the Ardent devotee with high qualities far more than a 2 legged human ! They have established a statue of him there to which other persons of His community salute yearly once . Once , He was invited to establish the Dhvajasthambham of a temple . Already a deep suitable pit was ready for it ! At the right stipulated auspicious time , the two legged Mahout ‘ ordered ‘ Keshavan to lift the Dhvajasthambam & erect it in the pit ! Keshavan lifted, took it near the pit, suddenly got back, refused to do so . Inspite of the two legged Mahout’s repeated orders he remained still with the Dhvajasthambam in his trunk . Finally the two legged brute , hit it with his Ankusham at Keshavan’s ear and  it started bleeding . Due to the unbearable pain , Keshavan yelled – Blared – at the top of His voice and kept the Dhvajasthambam on the floor and  went near the pit and sent His trunk deep inside it . Then in a moment it came out with a small pussy cat ! He gently and  carefully placed it on the  ground ! The trembling pussy came near Keshavan’s front leg and  stood closely resting on His nail confidently and  thankfully ! All the people standing with a great expression of puzzle there , shouted immediately at this rare sight and shouted loudly  “ narayana ! Guruvayoorappa ! Keshava ! “ The brute Mahout just stood there with his head hung down to hide his shabby face . The entire function would have become meaningless and a very big waste , if only Keshavan had just obeyed the brute blindly like a two legged one ! Now , that’s all the more reason that I have mention Him with Capital H 

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