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Saturday, April 4, 2009


                       A TREE LIFE
From a small seed I grew a strong root
Not to fulfill my need, for, that is creation’s route
To make a strong foundation and bring about ramification;
Not to multiply but for simplification;
For, the created one cannot maintain all its burdens, possessions, or retain
The space and time in its fold or contain the whole.
Some of my ramifications bend back towards earth;
Pulled down by their affinity from birth.
Some look upwards looking out for something;
For what? Or are seeking something? Perhaps attracted by the sunlight?
Or to be en route of a gentle breeze? Or to make swift movements and be
The cause of a breeze,
Whether the breeze makes them move?
Or they cause the breeze? A chicken and egg problem,
Who knows what makes what? Or who or what causes what?
Unfortunately most upward movements get caught in the whirlpool of `whys?
And the eagerness to be identified as something of importance.
So I don’t know what they want? I cannot say whether they cause anything
Or whether they are the effects of something.
Upward movements seem skeptical, sound skeptical or at least vague;
Probably that is their superiority and beauty.
Probably this vagueness furthers the inquisitiveness, interest and involvement
What about the ramifications that spread wide, their lateral movements
Manifest their honesty in accepting their limitations in pervading only
The space they can. No aims at affinity, or tall ambitions.
They just move around spreading freshness and life, till they fall sown or
Are blown up, but without waiting for or contemplating about either.

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