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Saturday, April 4, 2009


                                                         SHARE WELL
The omnivorous swarts
Perch on the sun shade;
As if, for them, they are made.
They bring in eatables of all sorts.
Readily available to divert the tiny tots
Mocked in myriad tales
Mauled by massive gales;
Flutter about directionless like drunken sots.
But you appear only after sun rise,
Where do you hide at night ,
Are you in flight we cannot sight.
But do come in the morn for your handful of rice.
My good tradition longs for you to come and eat,
My child awaits your arrival, so do come.
But inside my house you are never welcome.
I know it is a bad way to treat
You Black Bird.
So what? Don't worry.
The Creator has taken care
To provide you with an omni-climate feather
And an omnivorous liver,
I know you crowed not only for your hunger
But also to crowd and share.
It is your willingness to share that makes you great.

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