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Saturday, April 4, 2009


                                                   IN THE NAME OF ANY GOD

                                                                 YOUTH YOU

Allow all to live and do not attempt to annihilate;

Believe in benevolence and do not bounce back with battle and hate;

Care for civilization and do not co-opt for criminalisation;

Dedicate yourself to development and do not delve into destruction;

Endeavour to endear everyone and do not let enmities to extinguish earthly Elysium;

Fuse fraternity with any or all faith and do not fire and finish with fanaticism;

Great are the gifts of growth and do not gyve them to ground;

Hold holy scriptures to harness harmony and do not harp on them to heap hatred;

Inform the importance of interdependence and do not intimidate with intra-national interests;

Join in with jubilation to do what is jake and do not jeopardize the joy of life into jests;

Kindle the kaleidoscopic kingdom of kindness and do not keelhaul and kill the kids;

Love all is the loftiest score of life's game and do not Laden it with lamentable lids;

Make mankind out of man's kindness and do not mar it with martial madness;

Nurture natural niceties and do not nullify nice virtues or nations in nathless;

Operate with open-mindedness and do not overpower with oof and onslaughts;

Prefer and prepare for peace always and do not plunder with pernicious plots;

Quest for quietude and a life of quality and do not quell the quiet;

Reach out with reason and reverence and do not reciprocate or react in rumpus;

Safeguard soberly and sanely the society and do not sabotage social safety out of sadism;

Tolerate humanity in its totality and do not take up to terrorism;

Unite to be useful for universal understanding and do not unleash uncivilized usurpations;

Value the vision of the vitality of traditional virtues and do not vouch by virulent

Work with worthy wisdom and do not wreck with war mania;

Xchange x-axially and do not exterminate out of xenophobia;

Yoke yourselves with yearning and do not yap with your yeomanism;

Zoom with zest and zeal and do not zero in with zouave zanism.

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