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Saturday, April 4, 2009



                                                            EVERYTHING IS UNIQUE

Every Age acquires its unique advantage;

Every Belief becomes in a unique way deaf;

Every Creation carries a unique distinction;

Every Duty developes a unique beauty;

Every Evolution executes a unique function;

Every Faith fosters a unique growth;

Every Generation generates a unique civilization;

Every human being has a unique way of living;

Every Intelligent adaptability injects a unique civilization;

Every judgement joins a unique development;

Every Kind soul kindles to play a unique role;

Every Life longs to liberate from its unique strife;

Every Mind marches on to make a unique find;

Every Nation nurtures its unique contribution;

Every Occupation offers a unique contribution;

Every Performance presents a unique importance;

Every Quest quenches a unique zest;

Every Reason reveals a unique connection;

Every Sentiment serves a unique commitment;

Every Thought takes off from a unique root;

Every Urge unfolds a unique usage;

Every Virtue vibrates with a unique hue;

Every Wisdom wakes you up to a unique freedom;

Every X-axial approach x-rays into possibilities and offers a unique reach;

Every Year yearns in a unique way to make life dear;

Every Zeal zooms towards a unique goal;

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