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Saturday, April 4, 2009


                  HARANGUE OF A MONUMENT
I have been firm and fixed like an immutable idol or an irreversible doll;

I have been in this unalterable position

Witnessing fickle-minded crowds, amphibolic attitudes;

Kaleidoscopic tourists, parachronistic information vomiting guides;

Manipulative municipality making money in my name;

I am not misoneistic;

I too want to hide my nakedness with newer garments;

Even the girouettistic public opinions alter governments;

I, too , am labile, and have never been fuddy-duddy;

I am bored of being a mere constant witness to all changes,

Saltational, capricious, anticathetic, revulsionary or revolutionary

Over the years politicians and priests a have altered many things;

Have performed proselytical conversions;

Concerns and concepts have been metabatic; acts have been amended;means have been modified;

I, alone, have been left intact;

Even labile language has made metaphrastic free verses;

Man has made monumental transformations

For the sake of humanity;

But his irreformable mentality has not bothered to

Transform monuments.

Only now I have realized why?

I am better marketed unchanged, unmoved and constant;

I remain the peerless petrified performer

Dressed in the same old dust particles,
No, newly and highly polluted dust particles.

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