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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Achievements are not only for the ablest;

Believe in yourself you can produce the best;

Competitions and contests are not only for the cleverest

Deeds are deemed divine or devilish in the way dealt;

Endeavour, not merely emulate to exult;

Fail not to prove that you are the fittest and finest;

Greet and treat confidence as your guest;

Have for her a permanent abode in you heart;

Impossiblity is an inebriated insect;

Jumping about and jaunting until you jilt;

Kudos only to those who managed and kept,

Let down not, the expectations, left

Moaningly, not what they liked most,

Nor nullified their vying spirit like a nihilist;

Our life's opportunities let us not omit;

Participate and perform what our destiny wants to permit;

Quests and contests are not meant to be quit;

Rejuvenate, be rationale and a revolutionist, don't rest;

Satisfied on past laurels, source of success is sweat,

Trying travails, sweet may be the results, sore is the test,

Undaunted you must approach whether fit or unfit;

Vindicating by victory, you vest

Worthiness to will power, my word you can wrest

X-number of awards, for , we cannot be (e)xact;

You can score over others even if you are the youngest;

Zoom therefore with zeal and zest.

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