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Saturday, April 4, 2009


                                                                  THE ANT ANALOGY
Yesterday I saw in the ants

Whole of my country's poor workers;

Toil hard, take and store, for a rainy day as they say.

But any heavyweight stands on

All the precious provisions are gone.

The rain too when heavy

Washes away the savings in tantivy.

Ants do not intend to bite to cause pain

But attempt, bit by bit, to make a gain,

By scratching on the salty sweaty skin

And searching for their food;

But are unfortunately pressed to death for good.

With heavy pressure.

The poor like the ants constantly seek

But continue to be weak;

The poor like the ants constantly store

But never have more

When you have a purse quite heavy

You have the poor to chivvy and skivvy,

With a dream and hope so crazy,

That the world may become topsy-turvy.

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