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Saturday, April 4, 2009


I always sit on the same pavement,

At the city center, a permanent monument,

No matter what government,

Though I always sit there

I can never relax

With a future so lax

I look in all the directions

Of course without any direction;

With the Right I am

Rattling the coins on the plate

Battling the pains of my fate;

With the Left

Darn my dirty duddy, ruddy dress

Or toss my tomentose tress.

I have been using both Right and Left

But nothing has worked right for me ;

Nor has left me any better.

I have heard a fluent speech on poverty eradication;

Usual affluent promise ; a good concept with an in-built contraceptive;

It happens from time to time;

Time neither feels for nor heals

My democratic Right to be Left begging
At the city center

In a Timocratic world.

What hurts is not the difference in wealth
But the indifference of the wealthy.

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