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Saturday, April 4, 2009


                                                                            ORARIAN VISITS
As a small boy

I freaked out in fauntleroy;

Freely rolled on the sand

Ran around and hid like a brigand;

Threw, played and broke many toys

Enjoyed the jejune and juvenile joys

Ran around till my sural sinews

Wearied and I could no more stand;

In middle age

With the lynx eye I observed;

A mewed mother from a crowded joint family

Muttering and uttering freely to her husband,

Complaints about the cankered characters of her parents- in -law

I observed;

Girls parade about in peekaboo and sunback,

In transvestite trousers and slinky churidhars;

I observed cymophobic children jiggling;

I observed garrulous girls giggling;

I observed some of them shearing slack-baked maize;

While the reeky fishing nets and the smell of

Briny waters combed my nostrils;

The salubrious breeze disheveled my hair;
The waves sneezed into my ears with roaring sound;

Some salsuginous creatures crawled around;

As I walked I could feel

small shells crush beneath my heel;

All these till the crepuscular calmness

silenced everything, except the roaring waves;

Now when I am old and

Less attractive and more ataractive;

I sit and admire-

The fabulous sabulous silence;

The lown lawn;

Placed pebbles;

Serene skies;

And of course , I now listen to the rhythm of the waves.

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