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Monday, November 28, 2011

Scientific Interpretation Of Yajna

Scientific Interpretation Of Yajna
Literally Yajna means service and sacrifice and a way of living in
society in harmony. It promotes as well as protects the higher human
values of living style in the society. In other words, it can be said
that it is a real human culture, which is helpful in curing the human
diseases as well as in purifying the atmosphere and environment too.
It has been observed that there are two basic energy systems in the
physical world, which are known as 'heat' and 'sound'. In course of
performing Yajna, these two energies, i.e. 'heat' from Yajna (Fire-
Worship) and 'sound' of Mantras (Gayatri and a like other Mantras)
are combined simultaneously to achieve the desired physical,
psychological and spiritual benefits. It is applicable to quote here
that Dr. Howard Steingull, an American scientist, has established
that recitation of Gayatri Mantra produces 110,000 sound waves per
second. In fact, recitation of Gayatri Mantra during fire worship
(Yajna) act as complementary to each other.
Russian Scientist, Mr. Shirowich has expressed his assertion in these
words:- "After successful experiments, we have collected the
following data about the cow and yajna, which even the people of
India do not know: Cow milk contains the greatest power of protection
from atomic radiation, houses having cow dung covered floors enjoy
complete protection from atomic radiation, if cows ghee is put into
fire, its smoke will lesson the effect of atomic radiation to a great
extent. This process is known as Yajna in Indian languages?
Another Scientist, Dr. Hoffkins, has made his remarks as follows:
"Mixing ghee and sugar and burning theme creates smoke which kills
the germs of certain diseases and secretion takes place from some
glands relates to the wind-pipe which fills our heart and mind with
French Scientist Prof. Tilwans has expressed his remarks, "Burning
sugar and its smoke have great power to purify the atmosphere. It
kills the germs of T. B., Measles, Smallpox and cowpox.?
It is to be noted in this connection that the traditional systems of
treatment of physical diseases employ medicines, which are mostly
administered orally, which produce effects only after they are
digested and absorbed into the systems. Major part of medicines taken
orally is left unutilized by the digestive system. Oral medicines
thus tax the digestive system and sometimes they upset digestion
seriously. The same is more or less true to medicines directly
injected into the blood, which produce results quickly, but their
adverse and side effects are mostly observed and felt. While
corpuscles of the blood resent intrusion of any foreign bodies into
the blood, and sometimes the reaction of the system to the sudden,
massive and direct intrusion of foreign matter into the blood through
injection is most serious and even fatal too.
In a Yajna, medicinal herbs are vapourized by offering them into the
sacrificial fire, which enter into the human system in a gaseous form
through the nose, the lungs and pores of the skin. This might he
proved to be easiest, least taxing, least risky and most effective
method of administering a medicine to reach every single cell of the
The possibilities of curing mental diseases by Yajna are even more
alluring. Diagnosis and treatment of mental diseases is still about
in its infancy stage in the modern systems of treatment. They are
neither well-established diagnostic aids nor any recognized system of
treatment of diseases like Neurosis, Psychosis, Schizophrenia,
Depression, Tension, Melancholia, Mania, Hysteria, etc. On the other
hand, psychosomatic diseases are even more rampant than physical
diseases and they harm the human beings. Manifestation of
psychosomatic diseases except in extreme and advanced cases is not so
apparent and that may explain why enough attention has not been paid
to them. The stress and strain of modern life, degradation of social
behaviour and fall of moral values all around, are contributing to an
alarming increase in psychosomatic diseases. Yajna, might offer a
solution to this serious problem as well.
The techniques of Yajna for the treatment of physical and mental
diseases do not comprise mere vapourization of the medicines or herbs
to be employed, but various Samidhas (special kind of wood piece) are
offered into the sacrificial fire of Yajna to create desired effects.
Yajnopathy may take an honoured as well as leading place with the
other therapies of the world like - Allopathy, Homeopathy,
Chromopathv, Naturopathy, etc. to cure the various ailment and
affliction of mankind including physical and mental diseases.
Yajnopathv may come into being and may be ranked as a unique
achievement of the modern age.
The Brahmavarichas Research Institute, a research unit founded in
1979 at Hardwar, India, by Gayatri Pariwar thought it needed that
science and spirituality should come together and collaborate on the
plane of matter and in the realm of consciousness to enhance the
dignity of the individual and promote a new egalitarian social order.
The efforts with some experiments were made by that institute to
bring science and spirituality, the two super forces, together in
order to work out the stems, which would enable them to complement
each other. The main task undertaken was to present scriptural
writings and suppositions in relation to the scientific disciplines
of today, to study the effects of spiritual practices on human body
in laboratory and to project out an alternative system of medicine
utilizing totally harmless herbal plants after comprehensive and
comparative scientific studies on human subjects.
The investigations, experiments and research, carried out in that
institute (Brahmavarichas, ) were, in fact, strenuous efforts
precisely in that direction, but it is a matter of regret that due to
the internal mishandling that could not stay on continuation and
concluding final or advanced results could not come out.
In the present context, it is expected on the basis of seen
happenings as well as observations around that in absence of
spiritual discipline it is not possible to promote social morality
and individual codes of conduct amongst the people. In the absence of
these qualities of social and individual restraints, human cleverness
and newly mobilized resources may play havoc with social order of
It is an established truth that spiritual principles, if adopted in
day to day life, can bring about a change not only in the body
physiology hut also in the thinking and ultimately in the personality
as a whole. Yajna, the process of fumigation with medicinal herbs
under specific procedures influences widely the persons participating
in that as well as the surrounding environment. The ingredients used
are the medicinal plants, which have been using since the Vedic
times, are known to lay beneficial effects on human being.

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