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Monday, November 28, 2011


I am not a big political analyst nor someone indoctrinated in some ideology either left or right or left of the centre etc but I can perceive this problem of civil rights activists not being able to achieve whatever they set to or claimed to achieve are because
1] The civil rights activists cannot presume to represent a whole population especially something as big as India wherein the majority are willing to believe everything that anybody says.
2] That’s why India can never see a revolution in the form of collective action against something it is not only due to its too unwieldy and vast geological spread in terms of its real estate but also because of its many other varieties like totally different languages, multiple cultural back grounds and extreme disparities in education and wealth, many religions which very often co –exist with unease and simmering discontent and misunderstanding along with hidden agendas promoted by the vested interest groups who manipulate their religious fervor through their respective institutions.
3] Besides majority of the population that includes almost 80% who do not have any time or energy left to think of anything else besides their physical survival as that takes their entire time and energy, 15% who have time and energy and who therefore can afford to think beyond their survival, the educated and better off modern youth and elderly are mostly indifferent, of these 2% at least voice and spread their opinions and their displeasure in the way things are being done in this nation from the convenience of their lap tops in air conditioned rooms through e-mails and social networks, but the contribution of this 2%[two percent] reflects reality ,it is vital ,for it voices sanity and is the only antidote to the least trust worthy and the monetarily manipulated the sick mass opinion molders called the media both the print and audio visual , barring a few exceptions.
4] The remaining 5% are the beneficiaries and parasites of corruption either directly or indirectly.
5] So, we must thank our stars that this 2% of sane youth creating such impact, thanks to the modern technology.
6] That’s why just before the election, the last minute campaigns, freebees, concessions, promises etc made by political parties and much publicized by the media gets them the votes and ensures 5 years safe sojourn and promotes only next election minding politicians than socially conscious statesmen.
7] It is so unfortunate that these politicians not only control but manipulate to their convenience almost all other so called pillars of democracy.
8] The Indian politician is master manipulator he will manipulate according to the situation or issue with either one of these or all of these or multiple combinations of these pelf, power, position, passion, poverty etc.
9] If anyone wants to teach students about manipulation tactics through logical fallacies, diversionary tactics and damn lies all that they need to do is to listen to the speeches of all the ministers and spokes persons of UPA in the past seven years.
10] The media especially the popular print and audio visual media plays havoc through labeling, which is run in methodical Goebbelian way, a gift of the Western psyche, which is then used as a propaganda material for indoctrination to carry ideological crusades as is happening with our media painting some politicians, parties, groups as communal and the rest as secular why in the whole of Indian media no one seems to know the meaning of the word secular, I mean the denotation of the word not the carapace of connotations that we have accumulated over it . Some blunder boy of Indian politics has come up with saffron terror even when one particular religion is scrupulously promoted through sponsoring NGOS, appointing the now defunct ex CVCs, Chief Justices etc purely on religious grounds, no media has the gall to call this communal nor label the white terror unleashed by this masters of crusades against both Hindus and Muslims many ways both subtle and straight stabbing.
11] The civil rights activists have also fallen a prey to the media labeling and object to the very presence of or interacting with and including some individuals purely based on media labels whereas they were happily having dialogues with tainted ministers.
12] I only wish the civil rights activists raise above giving into media sponsored and politicians sponsored manipulations, avoid parroting labels and instead face facts and pace their strategies otherwise the politicians are too clever to not just suppress you, because that would show them in poor light, but resort to all means to sabotage your movement.
Let us remember and make it very clear that
13] The Civil Rights Movement is not intended to sabotage, substitute, suppress or even supervise the existing top constitutional institutes as a supra constitutional authority despite the extreme ferventness almost bordering on fanaticism exhibited by Civil Rights Movement activists.
14] It is just a forceful expression of the anger of the people against the total lack of creditability in some of the top institutions because of the misuse and manipulation of these institutions by those in power
15] Everyone starting from the looters, law makers, bureaucrats, the weak RIGHT WING major opposition party and the Left over party from Bengal must understand all that the common man wants is to ensure the honesty and integrity of the top officials and ministers and enhance the credibility of the top institutions. Let both sides need not take extreme positions.
16] To effect this change, neither the government nor the civil right activists must look at each other as competitors or confrontationists but must instead co ordinate and co operate to recreate the credibility in these institutions.
17] Rather than implementing the genuine demands which warrant transparency and integrity from the top bureaucrats, ministers, judges etc to resort to legal jargons and logical fallacies and divert the issue as if the civil rights group is trying to undermine all the top institutions of the constitution is devious and dubious avoidance to implement transparency.
18] If the opposition fails to clamor for bringing black money and declaring it as a national asset it only means that they have many of their flocks in that category and therefore unwilling. Let there be at least a transparent voting inside parliament on the issues raised by the Civil Rights Groups like time frame for bringing black money which can be telecast to the whole nation.
19] Civil rights group of self appointed individuals also cannot expect to act as umpires giving their ruling on all issues in all institutions of the constitutions with unbridled power.
20] If at any time these self appointed members go wrong then who is to referee the umpires.
21] Any parliamentary committee must have equal number of members from all major national parties so that there will be some faint hope of justice emerging at least due to political rivalry as otherwise all the politicians seem to be of the same ilk.
22] Let all the sincere, serious politicians with honesty and integrity with national interests in their minds raise the issue of injecting provisions in the Lok pal bill which will only ensure stopping corruption by coordinating and cooperating with both the government and civil rights groups and ensure to implement self checking mechanisms on all, and above all ensure that all the black money is traced with retrospective effect [as most of the black money hoarders must have activity diverted most of it by now with their contacts and trips to Switzerland] and brought back to the country and declared as a national asset.

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