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Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Dear friends

I was reading the posting about inferiority complex. I just started thinking whether the complex is natural. I thought of examples of inferior and superior is whether human created or natural. I felt it is more natural than human created. Hope an observed matter reading

1. Position of dog before cow and crow.

Earlier I was daily feeding food to dogs. About the last six months or so I have changed it to biscuits for their more taste and our convenience.

When I was feeding rice, it was observed if a cow or crow appears, the dog will keep away with out touching it.

Now I feed biscuits, the crows will appear and sat on power lines sensing the smell. They never come to eat the bits of biscuits given to the dog. So feeling their requirement I started to provide some pieces of biscuits on the compound wall, which they immediately took flying to it.

Two things came to me. One when a cow or crow comes, dog has to keep away permitting them to take. Where as when they are separately fed, they do not interfere with the feeding given to them. This I feel is a natural feeling comes to the dogs and crows.

2. The Lion's share

When I read about the lion's share in my English classes I never understood about its priority. I was thinking maximum part. Very late I read when any prey is killed by Lion, it will eat the desired part of the prey and the rest can be taken by other animals. If at all the killed prey is kept else where and the lion is not near it any where, no other animal dare to touch it.

3. Guruvayoor Kesavan

I just put the sub- heading as Guruvayur Kesavan for the fact in temple festivals arranged by us, these elephants find their own priority. Even among them irrespective of age, they arrange a priority and behave accordingly. If the jeevatha is put on one animal, the same animal does not relish keeping it on another. It feels its priority is lost and there will be a total confusion and chaos.

4. Poochaikku aaru Mani kettum

In the animal kingdom there is hierarchy, juniors and seniors based on their size, growth, intelligence etc. There is lower level animal and higher level.

Though ass, oxen, horse carry luggage, ass is considered inferior by us. I am not so sure whether horse show superiority with ass in behavior among them. This superiority is attributed by us.

5. Temples and archakas

In the temple organisation for the people who enter sanctum and perform pooja there is a hierarchy and authority. Thanthri, melsanthi, Keezhsanthi etc in major temples . I have not seen this difference very much in Tamilnadu temples like Chidambaram or Rameswaram etc. There could at the most in different sanctums , a turn system is put for archakas and there could be assistants.

6. The upper worlds

In the upper worlds there are different types of gods- Gods who are worshiped, other semi gods like planets, one level below godly beings like Yakshasas, Gandharvas etc. Even among the trimoorthies Brahma is given one level lower with Vishnu and Siva.

7. The Kingdom

Devendra was/is the head of Devas's kingdom and always it was an envious position. Similarly among sages, there were different levels of sages. The most matured(?) sage was Brhamarshi and other sages were in levels below them.

8. Complex

Along with position complex is there. A cat cannot be a lion or tiger though it comes in the same family. It comes to the lower level. When together there is complex between them.

Similar with humans I think. Along with position and level, complex feeling is there. Along with richness in finance, knowledge, beauty, or the sort a self induced complex is created. It is an animal feeling come to humans which is natural.

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