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Monday, November 28, 2011

British prime minister's fervent appeal mixed with firm resolves

British prime minister's fervent appeal mixed with firm resolves
It was interesting to listen to British prime minister speech in BBC. It was a fervent appeal mixed with firm resolves but then Britain needs to look into its past mistakes and refrain from repeating them again.
Starting from the founders of BRITAIN and its many institutions like theChurch of England behavior wise there has always been blatant immorality at individual levels and at social levels it was unethical and they were parading them as national symbols.
A king marrying every women who came in his sight and to justify that starting a new sect of a religion and promoting it at the cost of the exchequer;
The soccer fans, sorry soccer goons parading their boorish behavior as a sign of power over rules and regulations;
The politicians instead of taking active interest in economic development pandering to the war mongering USA 's calls everywhere, the latest one being in LIBYA.
The British were doing all this because of the only qualification of economic prosperity that they acquired through centuries of colonial looting, as a nation your economy is built on loot without guilt and no wonder the national psychology has percolated to the individuals. Be happy that it has happened so late.
In social behavior similarly the so called nobles were privileged to commit all sorts of atrocities, in fact , great Historian Dance mentions in his wonderful book HISTORY FOR A UNITED WORLD even the world ‘noble’ meant ‘privileged’ there was nothing noble about them but it was only a matter of privilege.
The same story of privilege of exploiting others and looting others as a national cultural malady, like a genetic disorder, has percolated long back into the Churches with so many scandals of sexual exploitation of the laity by the priests [a legacy of former kings and nobles] and now looting in the streets [a legacy of former colonial bosses who did it in all their colonies]
I only wish the other legacy does not happen in Britain, that of bombing on innocent citizens done by the British soldiers in Iraq, Libya etc
Britain can still move ahead if it takes corrective measures based on stark realities and facts. I would request every British citizen to touch his heart and look at these measures
1] The fact is you can no more act like a colonial boss with your weak economy to mess around in other countries militarily .Has it helped you in any way in the past few decades?
2] Stop funding the Church and Missionary activities both inside Britain and outside the country. Has doing this improved any single British citizen’s life in any way?
3] Deal firmly with hooliganism from any quarter in any form unmindful of its impact on election, leadership is about leading the nation and not next election minding political game.
4] Treat everyone as a human being to be respected irrespective of his colour or religion .

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