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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End the continuing saga of media assualt on Temples and Temple rituals

End the continuing saga of media assualt on Temples and Temple rituals

it’s that time of the year for the media and cultural czars to abuse Kerala Hindus and Hinduism, this time thanks to Lord Padmanabha. Right from the day when the Supreme Court judges started opening the secret vaults of Padmanabha swamy temple, media men, cultural leaders and Marxists, even those who sidelined Lord Padmanabha, for not being secular enough for literary awards- have been providing their opionated and nauseating 'secular' feedback.
One can understand their frustration of how a Temple saved its wealth from the plunder of Tipu Sultans, British and of course our corrupt politicians (desi forms of former two). Obviously our pseudo-secular media have deep hatred for anything related to temples and temple rituals (even though now we see Hindu customs and flag posts getting plagiarized in churches!!). Of late abusing Hindu swamis, Gurus, Babas, astrology have been a fashion in media debates and also in our movies and serials. Unfortunately some pseudo intellectuals get (secular) orgasm only if they chant abuses at Hindus or Gujarat.
Temples have been plundered and looted by mughals, British and now by our own secular govts through the deveswom boards. Padmanabha swamy temple was not the only temple that had the riches from offerings. Other temples have already been looted by our rulers including our well known Marxist brethren. Our govts have been interested in the Temple offerings but have to concern to develop its infrastructure or its upkeep- recent Sabarimala tragedy and the continuous robbery in temples -are the best examples.
So in essence corrupt politicians, cultural czars (pseudo intellectuals), rationalists and communal media men - all want the Hindu wealth and offerings. They create some wild theories that the wealth was looted from common people, so it needs to be distributed to the public. Do they ever question the wealth and real estate accumulated by Church or Islamic organizations?
See how the education sector has been totally communalized by the church with the total help from govt and media. Did anyone question or debate the way Inter-church council is looting the poor and ignoring social equality? Didn’t Kerala assembly
shamelessly support the release of a terrorist? And the media men wrote many editorials with our cultural czars barking in favour for the terrorist? Of Course the 2G Spectrum showed how the media men bark about anything for money. Did any Kerala media - visual or print - or our cultural czars ever debate on how criminals and sex traders- are getting elected as ministers in a state which is supposedly 100% literate? You can’t hear any rationalists barking on this. Today we have more dangerous Tipus and British colonels in our own Kerala govt. and media.
While the above actors are to be blamed for the sorry plight and discrimination of Hindus, the dis-unity among the Hindus is also a curse. Or in other words the same evil forces do not want Hindu unity. But this cannot go on forever. Even if Kerala CM assures that Temple wealth would be kept inside the temple, educated people are scared since the CM is a practicing Christian along with a Christian DGP - Jacob Punnose , who had mentioned there is no love jehad or terrorist centers in Kerala. It is a matter of very high concern regarding the expose of the map of Padmanabha swamy temple by the No.1 communal daily called Malayala Manorama, (yet another Christian entity. They were just following their legacy of supporting terrorists and anti-nationals like they did during the British times)

There is a strong reason why non-Hindus are not allowed inside some famous temples. History has shown us numerous instances when the Kerala Christians have sided with British against the then kingdoms. Royals knew this well and protected the wealth against the anti-nationals.
Today Hindus have a great opportunity - not only to save their temples - but to unite against the dark forces who are shamelessly exposing themselves every day. Remember the Supreme Court is also tainted by many corrupt judges like KGB.
So trusting them too much can also be dangerous for Hindus.
We do not need any public debates on temples - Temple wealth should be managed ONLY by Hindus and used for Hindu causes, period. Anyway more poor people are among Hindus all because of the gross discrimination by our secular govts. There are numerous scholarships to non-Hindu students and there is also a ministry exclusively for them. And no media barks on this inequality or they are silenced with money.
This is also an opportunity to de-colonize all our temples from the Colonel Munro sponsored Deveswom boards. Churches or Mosques are not spending a single paisa for the welfare of Hindus but they do spend money in destroying Hindus through conversion tactics and terrorism. We need to open our eyes to this evil first. So why should only the temple wealth be taken for public museums (Where anyway it will be looted by our own politicians and manorama media)?
Some of the Antique materials found in the Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple vaults could be in a museum but should be managed by practicing and devout Padmanabha dasas, and museum income should only be used for Hindu causes. Other temples should also be freed and money used for Hindus instead of the Govt. loot and diversion to Hajj subsidies.

Yes this is nothing short of a revolution and Kerala Hindus can and are capable of showing the way. Ignore the media and boycott them if they are continuing with their favourite pastime of Hindu bashings. We do not need economists or rationalists or Sukumar Azhikodes (who abuses depending on the 'amount' given) to advise us on temple wealth and temple practices. Isn’t this interference on religious affairs, which is against the spirit of secularism? Yes this is what Kerala Hindus should realize and rectify as soon as possible.
Royal family who has managed the temple well and the Hindu organizations (not the secular or communist variety) must decide on the Padmanabha swamy temple matters. Any other process should be fought tooth and nail. Even bloodshed might be imminent, but think, this is for our future generation. Remember the legacy of Marthanda Varma, Dharma Raja, and Bala Rama Varma who have all guarded this wealth. Lord Padmanabhan and all our ancestors will only bless us more if we unite and save Hindu dharma and our nation rather than just listening to the pseudo intellectuals and communal media (esp. manorama) and corrupt politicians. It's high time and there is no time to lose here.
28th July`2011

The Maharashtra Government has set its eyes on the large funds donated by devotees @ Shirdi.
And so in-order to fulfill its own duties towards the State,

the Government has decided to utilize the donations offered by devotees at the Shirdi Shrine.

On Wednesday 27th July`2011, the Maharashtra Government passed the Bill seeking an amendment

to the "Shree Sai Baba Sansthan Trust (Shirdi) Ordinance 2004",

which gives the Government the right to access up-to 30% of the donated funds collected

by the Shirdi Sansthan Trust through devotees.
This Bill was passed at the Maharashtra Legislative Council

without any discussion what-so-ever and irrespective of the huge political opposition

against this idea till now, there was no opposition by any political party when this Bill got actually passed.
So now, the Maharashtra Government legally has got the right to utilize up-to 30% of the funds collected by the Shirdi Sansthan through donations. It can use these funds to implement a slew of Infrastructure, Development and welfare projects at Shirdi.
In other words, the Shirdi Sansthan Trust now has the Authority to give Financial Assistance & Grants to the Boards, Companies or Institutions falling under the control of Maharashtra Government.

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