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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BHARTH MATHA - Everything in her is imbued with an inherent and inner jeevan

Excellent stuff Nandu about dancing gods, it should actually read as Gods of NATYA.

This material triggered in me the following random thought about the necessity to feel/ to understand the pulse or inherent inner aspects of life beneath everything that belongs to BHARATH MATHA

1] In fact I have read two books on perceiving things through a thorough understanding of the inner impulse . These books were part of my syllabus when I did my Diploma in International Theosophy for subjects on occult studies and perception through aura etc. These two were SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS and SECRET LIFE OF NATURE , wherein, it is explained how some occultists through occult science have decoded the chemical components of many elements with complete precision which were found to be true later on by science.

2] In secret life of plants you get to know details like the world's first lie detector was made from plants which was then developed by linking specific plant to cathodes which would precisely detect whether someone is telling a lie [of course if P.Chidambaram comes to know of them he would destroy them with the help of his girl friend Jayanthi Nataraj as Environment minister] and there are plants which can sense death like dogs through ESP.

3] Among human beings there are many people who can sense and talk with the plants. In fact the black DA VINCI,the great Washington Carver made most of his discoveries by talking to plants , he is another person who deserved Nobel prize but never got it, if the whole world is eating better/more pea nuts/ground nut the credit must go to him.

4] Unfortunately the world is yet to decode even 40% of the plant life completely.

5] Recently, I started floating another idea after prompted by my friends DR.V.T.SUNDARAMURTHY about plant life and surprisingly some valuable literature is emerging on that from the world of science [you can see note below [a]

6] Most of the art forms of Hindu culture starting from literature to dance to music to painting to architecture to yoga to religious rituals to religious discourses have never been taken as or treated as mere modes of entertainment or professional engagement or still worse the modern money making survival tool kit, but, on the contrary they were executed with great devotion and dedication, not only because of the religious significance or connotation attached to them, but they took into account, out of conscious realization, the most vital truth of life, namely the fact that life is primarily composed of three fundamental aspects, Physical [ includes all anatomical, organic and material aspects of life], Mental [includes all psychological, emotional, socio cultural aspects] and Spiritual [ the unseen but important aspect underlying all aspects of life] and also the fact that these three are interlinked and interdependent. Therefore any Classical Indian music form or Dance form feeds all these three vital realms of life, otherwise these art forms should have been and would have been killed long back as newer and more attractive forms of entertainment emerged. That is the strength of our rich heritage which could not be destroyed by so many military and mental invasions. It is by no means a manifestation of being ethnocentric but excellence centric, so, let us be proud of all these.

7] None of our great scriptures are meant to vindicate the existence of any single God or Gods or any specific ‘ism’, on the contrary, they are intrinsically manuals for human emancipation and enlightenment encapsuled in religious and ritualistic covers, that’s why their appeal and actual value transcends beyond the veneer of purely religious connotations be it YOGA, CARNATIC MUSIC, BHARATHA NATYAM ETC

8] Incidentally I used to use the word DANCE to teach different parts of speech or various avatars of a words during Grammar classes to indicate that a word gets its label as a noun, verb or adjective based on its function in the context and not on the form /spelling like :-
I like to dance [sometimes used in colloquial lingo as I like dancing] with girls.
Dancing gives good shape to the hips.
I saw a person with a dancing stride.
I like Indian dances
Briju maharaj dances energetically

9] Why I mentioned at the beginning as ‘Gods of NATYA ‘The word Dance whose origin could be traced to either the modern French ‘danser’ or Italian ‘danzare, or German Tanzen or Spanish ‘danzar’ all indicate movements of the body starting from ’quiver to leap or jump’
Whereas the Sanskrit word Natya means ‘DRAMA’ it is therefore dramatic enactment of soul felt emotions through abhinaya, nrtta and nritya . So Indian dances better called as Natya are the dramatic manifestation of life, to be more precise JEEVAN, rather than mere representation of something that exists in reality or in the imagination of the artist.

10] So, everything in BHARTH MATHA be it her great literature of VALMIKI, VYASA KALIDASA or KAMBAR or the songs of SAINT TYAGARAJA or PURANDARA DASA or the paintings of RAJA RAVI VARMA everything is imbued with an inherent and inner jeevan and therefore any reproduction or representation of it devoid of that bhava or bhakthi is doing injustice to the rich heritage of BHARATH MATHA.

11] The greatest cultural malady is our disorientation from this rich heritage, it is performing everything in life either as an inevitable ritual or for extraneous considerations be it money, popularity or global approval.

12] The USP [Unique Selling Proposition] of any aspect of Hindu heritage is its JEEVAN , that is its innate /inherent intrinsic relevance /value to all the three important and interdependent aspects of life mentioned earlier the Physical, the Mental and the Spiritual. That’s why properly rendered Carnatic music can take you into meditative trance wherein the body, mind and soul submerge into sound waves.

[a] Dear Satya/Pasu/Shyama
Well I was telling you about a serious research option. Unfortunately I again had a very minor slip and tendon and ligament strain due to severe sprain so I could not work on this besides I am busy with preparation of some materials for priniting pamphlets for the dharna program in front of parliament and janthar manthar against LIC Amendment act 2009 . Read the following this is what I wanted to discuss with you.
There are plant species belonging to the family Lablab can absorb the nitrogen and fixes in their roots. This process is facilitated by a bacterium known as Rhizobium bacteria [Azatobacterium]and is found in the root zone. If we can scientifically work out why certain plant species alone are capable of doing this unique work it becomes easy for us to make other plant species also to do this work. It appears to be a tedious one. But the modern science particularly molecular biology and detailed biochemical investigations including the gene study may help the man to make other crop plant species to carry out the work and eliminate application of fertilizers .
If the plants start using the nitrogen as they use the atmospheric carbon dioxide for making the base materials carbohydrate the pollution problem will not be there in our globe with Nitrogen. What we are getting from such crops are ORGANIC only if I am correct. The day is not far off to get such materials I hope. Talk to pasupathy also we can work on this seriously I am game for it we can start the tests both in small pots at home and in the fields. Think it over and get back to me. Inputs from any one is welcome.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I discussed this with my scientists friends they have started sending me some materials like this one what a coincidence
Utilization of atmospheric nitrogen !
Plan to one day end the use of environmentally harmful chemicals on commercial crops developed
Friday, July 22, 2011
Researchers have published a step by step plan to one day end the use of environmentally harmful chemicals on commercial crops by developing plants that produce their own fertilizer

(Edmonton) Two University of Alberta researchers have published a step by step plan to one-day end the use of environmentally harmful chemicals on commercial crops by developing plants that produce their own fertilizer.

U of A plant biologist Allen Good says the energy required to produce nitrogen fertilizers has pushed the world-wide cost for agricultural producers to a $100 billion a year. Good says that while they are necessary for high yields, those nitrogen fertilizers also damage the environment.
Emissions from nitrogen fertilizers add to greenhouse gas emissions and chemical run-off from farm fields cause algae blooms in fresh water lakes and rivers. Good says the cost of cleaning up the environment adds another $50 billion to the world-wide cost of commercial agriculture fertilizers.
Good and his U of A co-author Perrin Beatty says some plants, like peas, have the natural ability to split atoms of nitrogen gas and use the bioactive elements that enhance growth. Mass produced and consumed cereal crops like wheat, rice and maize cannot naturally split nitrogen atoms and need commercial fertilizers. Fertilizer producers use huge amounts of natural gas to to split nitrogen atoms to supply its bioactive components that are then spread on fields in the form of a chemical .
Good and his U of A co-author Perrin Beatty say
the fix is to genetically alter agricultural products like cereal crops so they can process nitrogen from the atmosphere naturally and still get the same growth enhancing effect as commercial fertilizers.
(It should not alter the existing biochemical profile of the plants and eatables.VTS)

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