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Monday, November 28, 2011


It is big mistake  to first to presume economic development/ commercial success as a means or indicator much less the best or most important aspect of human /social development indicator excluding so many other factors whose interplay determines the overall human/social development; in some countries there is a propensity to resort to the stupidity of looking up to economic theories and working on them as a panacea for most of the social problems; second even if economics can be accorded some importance as one of the players/factors of human/social development what is important is what are the parameters, processes that any economic theory uses to churn out based on the multiple aspects of social life of human beings.While something may work out at some place at some time and not at all the places or even at the same place all the time but unfortunately economics as an exclusive subject with a label emanated from the west it too has been subject to the fundamental weaknesses /MALADY of any system/ism/theory of western civilization that is trying to HOMOGENIZE and HEGEMONIZE
I would like to quote my own observations which I make repeatedly in most of my articles
Here are two relevant points from my old articles with links
'This globalization mania is the product of that incurable sick obsession of the western psyche, namely, homogenization. If we glimpse through the annals of history, we can observe this and the several ways in which this has been carried out: by indoctrination, by force, by cultural invasions, by wars etc. Throughout history it has failed miserably. Be it the Roman Empire’s greed to spread its tentacles , be it the attempt to homogenize religion which failed with Spanish Inquisition, be it Nazism or Colonialism, all have failed. Once these attempts at homogenizing cultures, beliefs, political ideologies have failed, now, the West is trying it in Trade and Economy. As before, it is bound to fail. But what we must learn from history and guard ourselves against is the heavy price that humanity may have to pay for facing and overcoming these attempts emanating from a few individuals charged with fanatical obsession in terms of Religious wars, Nazism, Colonialism etc with all their destructive manifestations.
The impact of the previous obsession were restricted to specific geographical area as they collapsed before they could successfully spread everywhere. But the manifestations of the present obsession, read Globalization of trade and economy affects the lives of everyone on the globe, either directly or otherwise, and can cause irreparable environmental damage which can even render life miserable for future generations." LINK
"To find solutions we must explore the facts as to who or/and what caused these problems.
While exploring the facts we must desist getting distracted from the following major traps:-
1] Mutilating the facts,
2] Analyzing them with preconceived notions or prejudices,
3] Generalizing the particular and particularizing the general,
4] Approaching facts with unloving criticism or uncritical love,
5] Evaluating facts with our pet isms or philosophies,
6] Resorting to statistical justifications,
7] Unleashing unworkable utopia,
8] Mask them with logical fallacies,
9] Bury them in pleasant jargons, and
10] Give historical justifications.
Human race, unlike other species, because of its sixth sense and enhanced faculties and its inherent urge to perform things beyond just the physical alone, tend to perceive, act and react at different levels with varying degrees of intensities based on the multiple influences that it has been and is being constantly subjected to. So manifestation of variety in each individual not only in physical form but also in psychological perceptions and ensuing actions and reactions is inevitable." LINK

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