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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Covid Losses and Encouraging signs


​Covid Losses and Encouraging signs


Let us not allow any identity to limit our frames of references and restrict our forms of preferences and perspectives.


In short, nothing is exclusively ultra-sacrosanct, ultimate truth or panacea.

No one or nothing is omnipotent or omniscient. 



If at all any important lesson that humanity has to take from this most disruptive last few months of Covid -19, though one may dismiss this as a one off rare occurrence of pandemic, still we cannot ignore, on the whole as a general outcome, all the following were evident and exposed :-


1. The unreliability of many of the past templates to encounter present and new problems;


2. The vulnerability of human physique; 


3.  The fragility of human psyche and emotions; 


4. The naïvety of the innocents who were more clueless than the rest;


5. The brevity of lockdown extended into eternity of boredom;


6. The torpidity troubled the restless minds and busy bodies;


7. The temerity tucked into timidity;


8. The morbidity muted delusions of eternity of life;


9. The timidity tunneled in uneasy thoughts of human mortality;  


10. The inability of many of the claims of various institutions (political, religious, academic) of importance to hide their fallibility;


11. The indispensability of interdependence of nations;


12. The unsustainability of many activities which were spiralling the economies;


13. The paucity of adequate crisis response mechanisms;


14. The velocity of conspiracy theories gushed forth through various media platforms without bothering to back it up by verifying the veracity; 


15. The levity of gossips and phobias pervaded;


16. The reality of multitude of capabilities, in short, exhibited the enfeebled illusions of humanity.


The calamity along with all the above casualties also threw the following encouraging signs:-


1. The sanity of positivity of human hope continued amid all these chaos;


2. The diversity of dexterity of human beings inundated the social media as more people sought attention;


3. The alacrity of science and technology driven attempts were in place to find real remedies including possibility of an effective vaccine in vicinity;


4. The generosity of help heaped beyond all hindrances of identities;


5. The utility of relevance of reciprocity in every relationship got manifested;


6. The unity of humane spirit organically evolved in many places, undirected by any instructions from institutions of social engineering (political parties, religious institutions, cults etc);


7.  The ingenuity of human spirit to bounce back along with its adaptability to the new normal is a certainty.




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