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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Reason and not mere justifications



I was requested to make some philosophical observation in general about individual life and its relationship in institutional realm and socio- cultural milieu.


Here it what emerged, a heartfelt communication with conviction.


Our life is ordinarily lived and measured in time space conundrum.


So, destiny also deals through these two i.e. time and space.



For all damages we did to nature and other species, nature has chosen to teach a lesson when 21st

Century was marching ahead at brisk speed like 20-20 matches.



So, anyone or any group which engages in conscious scheming with ulterior motives or hidden agendas reveals a petty insecure mind and the karma for that will haunt for a long time and at appropriate moment and place hunt down with greater vigor. 



Therefore, no one can escape the larger scheme of things if they think that they have gained something through scheming. 



We see this universal law of karma operating everywhere for everyone. 



This is what all epics in the world teach us as a valuable lesson. 



The language and terminologies used may differ like karma, consequences, impact, desire is the root cause of misery and so on and so forth, but the lessons are the same. 



One can use intelligence and strategies to win or to strengthen oneself or any institution but not do scheming with lies, laid back attitude, selective non-committal cautiousness, insensitivity, indifference etc.


We see the same mistakes repeated all around us in every field.


Expediency must not become the only principle and excuses to evade responsibilities must not become the only practice. Worst case scenario when these two combine.



All rules can have exemptions in contextual exigencies or emergency situations but must be backed by conscious reasons and not mere justifications for mistakes one commits. 



All of us can extrapolate these values and principles in every domain of our activities and our relationships. 


So, moving around with hidden agendas, ulterior motives, surreptitious undercurrents,  political overtones all coated or covered with a lid of some  ideological insinuations or extrapolation will keep under constant pressure many to merely exist through a life of routine with simmering discontent and lurking suspicion with murky vested interest domineering behavior patterns which will cause more harm to one's own mental peace because of these huge carapace of negativities that will cover the mind.





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