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Sunday, October 25, 2020



DISSENT need not necessarily mean gross disrespect to institutions of importance and personalities holding top positions with the responsibility of maintaining the dignity of such institutions.


So, referring to such persons is a synecdoche of the institution itself.


Spewing venom on anything that does not succumb to specific and selective  ideology peddling backed by groups which struts around with pomposity and presumptive inflated image appropriating terms which have a good aura like intellectual, liberal and putrefying them to suit their petrified ideology cannot be a construed as dissent or freedom of speech  


DISSENT is not


Disseminating differences disproportionately


Internationalize or internalize for


Sensationalizing and scandalizing to


Social engineer selectively by


Exaggerations and extrapolations through


Nuanced and new found


Terminological terrorism as a trend.


DISSENT is not

Drilling in drastically or diplomatically


Selectively with paid support system

Surreptitiously and sugar coating them with

Emotionally instigating


Terminological terrorism



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