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Friday, October 30, 2020

Ritualistic behavior

​​The problem in India is we have forgotten to involve sincerely and seriously into anything
(whether right or wrong, useful or not) like our ancestors did:-

Be it folding betel leaf (followed processes)
To working on arithmetic calculations (followed methods)
To following many traditional practices (followed beliefs)
To listen to elders (followed wisdom of experience)
To gossiping about others (followed curiosity to know) etc.
We do not follow scrupulously and methodically rules and regulations like the Westerners ( legal compliance out of fear of punishment) or

Adopt practices scrupulously ( out of belief in scientific facts).
I am refraining from using words like discipline, responsibility, respect etc.
They are next level.
Instead we perform everything at every level ritualistically as a formality coupled with anarchic behavior (misconstrued as freedom) and are willing to compromise anything and to justify many things quoting exceptions as a rule.
This mentality gets magnified at macro level. Utter lack of sincerity or involvement. 
At macro level while the political leaders, ministers may be sincere in making policies, at implementation level the bureaucrats and domain specialists do not work in sync.

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