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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Identity, History and Freedom of expression


We cannot live in the past nor rewind life but we must live in the present and then, if we want, try to carve ways and means to plan for a future that we envisage.



One cannot disown or deny certain identities ( at least like our name, physical frame etc.) but can avoid getting caged and adoring only in that identity and refusing to acknowledge the existence of other identities.



​​One cannot get disoriented or deny or dismiss history but can avoid ruminating only on the negativities of historic blunders with histrionic reactions and allowing  them to ruin the present.



One is at liberty to have any ideology or many ideologies but avoid selectively venerating it/ them as the best and defy other ideologies.



Perhaps, evolution may have overlooked or skipped certain important, good and great aspects or incidences but no one can avoid the trace of evolution in every realm.


So, some identity and history, certain evolution and ideology are all part of everyone's life.


Freedom of expression must learn to respect all individuals as much as one's own identity;


Freedom of expression must learn to value the whole of humanity as much as one's own historical background;


Freedom of expression must learn  to respect institutions and other ideas as much as one's  own ideology/ ideologies.


Interpreting selectively and deliberately designed to divide, to discriminate and to develop animosity in society must be checked.



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