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Friday, October 30, 2020

Double standards


A diamond in the rough


Really great and good to know. Got to see this a few days back.



This is what I wrote; probably​​ many may not like it.



Real passion, talents and greatness somehow come to light  but in the case of India it needs to be both identified and marketed by a foreigner.



The list is too long and includes almost many great spiritual and philosophical souls as well. 



Why? Even all our freedom fighters who were recognized and given space and importance were those who got educated overseas.



There may be many inherent hindrances which need to be looked into without bias and we need to change our attitude. 



When someone known to us within our close circles is good at something we become either indifferent or dismiss it as what is so great, nothing new our ancestors were greater than this, professional jealousy and all sorts of possible excuses to put down. Whereas, if that very same person becomes a success then we try in any contorted way to claim some affinity with that person, hero worship that person and so on.



So, such a person ' a diamond in the rough' ends up in a hyper narcissistic Mephobia -which is the fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can't handle it and everybody dies.


We have amidst us many such छुपा रुस्तम ( dark horses)




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