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Friday, October 30, 2020

Data and narratives


Data expansion


I would like to bring in more factors/ aspects into the radar of frames of reference to include in this to make it more comprehensive and get them wedded to well woven narratives.


Multiple later thinking tools, Mind Map techniques to make charts/graphs more elaborate and exhaustive.



I would like to have multiple sub-classification  as in every art and science there are  inherent patterns, sometimes obvious or we learn and discover them through the course of our study.



Sometimes, we use additional techniques and nuances to give finishing touches which ensure that whoever seeks a macro view or micro details according to one's perspective can easily access them. Thus, they become not only user friendly but provide a detailed blueprint to work on policies, strategies, schemes and all other necessary measures. 



Take for example a book that is about a subject/topic/plot. Then, divided into chapters, paragraphs, sentences, words and expressions. Every part is interrelated to the whole.




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