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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Language politics -the unending nonsense


​Neither one language speakers are the smartest race nor any particular language is the greatest language. 


There are billions leading better, peaceful and happier lives​​ without either of them being required. 


Any government fiat for or against any language, religion, race is not correct.

Sane individuals know what is required for better livelihood first. Many younger generation people have learnt more programming languages like c, c+, cc+ etc. 


The language politics is both right and wrong from both sides. One notices often that in some pan India inner corporate meeting when people start talking in a particular language some Indians feel uncomfortable.


Any region that fails to adopt factors that enable common links of civilization to enhance welfare will remain backwards as we have seen in some parts of the world. 


Everyone regrets this petty politics. ​ ​Europeans don't clamor for Latin or Greek though through those two wonderful languages the majority of great thoughts and ideas contributed to modern Europe. So was Portuguese for a long period, so was Persian. Those who are academically inclined can dig deeper and bring out gems of wisdom from those languages and share them. But to claim that everyone must learn them and must know them is a sign of sheer linguistic fanaticism. 




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