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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Emotions –a paradox

Emotions –a paradox

Ever in Motion and at the same time eternally motionless.

Petrified mind with pleasant spirits.

Paradox of unmoved movements;

When every step you move forward A thousand KGs of heavy heart pulls you back;

When every step you still manage to move, you age a few years too fast- Struck in perhaps the pleasant memories of the past;

The heaviness makes your heart weak;

When everything around you moves ahead and around, including all planets and your life itself;

Your mind and spirits alone are not willing to move and cannot move, thankfully they are not physically constrained or confined or forced to move away.

Emotional attachment is a funny net which can catch a small fish of momentary concern as well as massive sharks of marvelous love.

Minds and spirits of emotional attachment do not move and so cannot be caught but they experience uneasy immobility between the crying heart, a chocking throat and a struggling heavy breath.

Mortality is for movable matters but unmovable emotions are enshrined in eternity.

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