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Monday, August 15, 2016

India's Gender bias

Suppressing facts, reality and scientific reasoning at the altar of scriptural justifications is in bad taste.

My views are neither right nor left oriented but ambivalent here [because I know some statements are true however the real practices are totally contradictory and hypocritical].

I am neither for or against all tradition but then I am against suppressing facts and reality.

They are not only ambivalent but irritating too because whenever I listen to these types of presentations which emphasis justification based on cherry picked scriptures and traditions and totally brushing aside facts and reality on ground.

Suppressing facts, reality and scientific reasoning at the altar of scriptural justifications are in bad taste even if spiced with  pleasant tales, appealing anecdotes, usage of logical fallacies either intentionally or unintentionally, they all blunt the enlightened intellectual and social emancipation of human beings based on ground realities.

I feel like telling these people often this, "Don't look for ideas to confirm your thinking, rather look for trends that will disrupt your thinking" - Rich Simmonds.

India and Indians practiced and are still practicing gender bias and discrimination in many areas  and probably this is the case in many parts of the world or perhaps all over the world too, but that is not a justification.

With all tall claims and small practices we Indians still treat women badly.

I can give many examples starting from how old widows are left to beg at the banks of Ganges by her own children to weaving multiple taboos around certain mere biological inconveniences.

Prefixing a Gowri to Shankar or Lakshmi to Narayanan or Seetha to Raman in name have not changed the status of or state of treatment meted out to women in many parts of our country.

At various times as reaction I have written about the gender issues and feminism in many places. Here I am giving links to some of them.

We are talking about human beings as a species and this question of Western Values or Eastern Values do not come in, it is all created by vested interest groups. 

For all human beings there could only be one set of values and that is humane values though that too can have certain differences in space, modifications, variations or differences either nuanced or blatant to be in tune with the frequencies of predominantly [though right or wrong here is purely relative] prevailing customs, traditions, socio-cultural practices etc but even they need not be and preferably must not be thrust upon everyone and may be avoided if they are detrimental to human happiness, freedom and cause damage to the environment. 

This was written as my reaction to Visaka Hari's lecture for which I was asked to write a review and instead I wrote my views. After that obviously they stopped asking me to write on anything.

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