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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Over active Judiciary and the restive reactionaries

Over active Judiciary and the restive reactionaries

The following is my comments to this article

Invariably in most debates on judicial over reach two major issues are getting entangled and are engaged in a tug of war.

One judicial over reach or judicial activism and two ideological extremism of the Left and the Right [both are trying to defend some indefensible status quo in certain activities where they have problems in adopting to change due to their ideological fixations or  traditional practices] and these two along with  India's dubious political outfit [ a sinking boat] which has appropriated the label of center of the Left and Right because it tends to change its sails in the direction where it presumes the winds blow favorably- a totally opportunistic political outfit whose only principle is expediency.

The ultimate casualty is common sense, common good and humane concern for social welfare.

Besides it also diverts the whole public attention and public debate from more vital priorities, mostly ignored for many centuries due to various reasons, like better economic prosperity for maximum number of people, good governance and creating a prosperous welfare state where living is pleasant journey and life is more comfortable.

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