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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Paradoxes or Polarity

Human Nature: An Evolutionary Paradox

On the whole a very informative, scholarly and thought provoking articles which leads one into various ideas, concepts, emotions, philosophical questions etc

Some Stories from the Bible

Truly and as rightly pointed by the author trying to address present or new problems with old paradigms is by itself a paradox.

For that matter even giving too much of importance to any scripture of any religion as if it is some omniscient search engine or use it as a panacea or even using it to drive any reason or logic in the realm of present day living is again a great paradox.

Neither values nor morals can be downloaded from any scripture but rather they emerge as responses to specific context [they are contextual-{1}]based on inherent attributes, inculcated attitudes which are not wedded to any one particular or specific identity  either regional, cultural, religious, ideological, political, socio-cultural and so on {2} however great or good that may be.


Ethology and evolutionary biology are records of facts of tangible human evolution and therefore always both are interesting and instructive to derive lessons for a better living  of human beings as one among the species with a realization that humans are part of the environment and environment is part of human  species, and based on this understanding to lead a peaceful life as social animals with conscious awareness and greater faculties in some spheres of life to live a lovable life and bequeath  a livable  planet –whose very name has been  coined  wrongly as ‘earth’ when more than 70 percent of it is made of water and all the remaining 30% survives because of sunlight-{3}

On Aggression

But for aggression manifesting in love and passion the world would be a dull place {4}.

However, it must be prevented from becoming violent, disturbing the peace and unity of many and becomes destructive of peace, life of human beings and other species to ensure unity, peace and harmony avoiding wars as much as possible, but  are these possible ,if not why ?{5}.

Paradox or Polarity principle

While paradoxes are well explained and proven and they often contribute to conflicts, confrontations or at least discomforts.

Scientifically we cannot deny the inevitability of polarity principle in many realms of life on the whole {6}.

A mere change in perspective may even enable us see that it is not paradox per se that causes a problem but a negative quality, a relative value {7}.

The greatest and most pleasant paradoxes which have given us the purple pages of past glory pursue our present story and perhaps may safely sail us through into our future without much worry are the non stop churning of evolutionary process {8}.

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{6} Polarity principle

Emotions a paradox always why? I felt this last week and wrote a free verse.

{7} Perspective can change many things

{8} The Great leveler Evolutionary trends

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