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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Extremities in ideology, Left or Right

Both extremes are blinded by their preconceived ideological fixations and presumed ideological superiority complex claiming as if their version is not only the best but superior version of ideas for social life.

These are all the symptoms of a much deep rooted malady of human psyche.

Most unfortunate aspect of human life is that it weaves a cage or is made to live in a cage of specific identities,[1] made of certain ideas or belief systems- though in my opinion none of these are required for any aspect of life but I must respect the sentiments or at least not hurt the sentiments of those who prefer to lead such a life out of their choice.

Normally those wedded to identities and see the world only through such well grown and assiduously groomed identities become very faithful, then fervent and finally fanatical.

Identity cages lead to insulation which leads to intolerance of other types of environment which then contributes to conflicts and lack of harmony.

I may not like the noise created outside the four walls of any religious practice, I may not like subjecting the human physic to any unwanted torture to please any god but then those who prefer to do it, do so because they believe in doing so.

I am a pure vegetarian by choice, perhaps the contribution or curse of my cultural upbringing but to preach vegetarianism, much worse force it as the best and only way to the whole world is sheer nonsense and useless activity because more than 99.99% of the world population is non vegetarian.

I once had an argument with Menaka Gandhi during Vajpayee Government when she decided to ban all animal products and therefore there was a ban on Kanchijara and many well meaning leading advocates were fighting it out legally and some big wigs politically too but then I just told her one thing- “Menaka Gandhi Madam, please call Sachin Tendulkar and tell him not to use cricket ball as it is made of leather”.
Similarly, a very virulent European environmental protection and green group came up a resolution to totally ban any tree cutting especially for fire wood in under developed countries and developed ones. I just happen to get a picture of their building with fantastic wood works, walls made of wood, partition made of wood, all furniture made of wood etc. Then suggested please pulp your entire building and recycle it and spray it in nearby forest and also take a pledge to stop using wood in any form.

That’s why my write up on Environment Day was retweeted by global environmental organizations in France, White house’s official tweeter handle and so on. Link given below [2] 

However, in this specific case there is pattern of trying to inject in the case of right over zealous sudden love for/of Sanskrit promotion as if all other languages are inferior.

Protecting cows as objects of veneration and as if other animals are in some way inferior.

Proclaiming that everything is said in our scriptures and we were the pioneers in everything and so on and unfortunately this leads to obsessive identity veneration which can prevent learning further.

In the case of left take out every aspect of Indian tradition, preferably not sponsored or practiced by non Hindus and inject all of a sudden some perverted version of selective socialistic ideology, read as leftist ideology, to confuse the masses in a very small group who seem to enjoy what they are doing. If you do not like it you move away, as simple as that.
I only ask them if they have balls to do something similar to other religious denominations or other cultures.

Anyway as life and times move on evolution shall take care of all types of nonsense and make people look to provide at present prosperity to as many as possible [3] and for posterity a livable planet in future.

[3] Small verse I wrote for a magazine in the 90s


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