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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Let us promote positivism and stop portraying negativism and victimhood

Let us promote positivism and stop portraying negativism and victimhood.

Reality is reality with all its multiple facets and faces; dimensions and dynamics; polarities and probabilities; positives and negatives; victors and victims and so on.

But reporting of reality is confined to or constricted by perspectives, frames of reference of limited perceptions, populist projections, perverted and preconceived portrayals based on identity affiliation of religion, region, language, ideologies etc.

Even the most beautiful and attractive human physical form do carry some amount of drainage always in it which may get eventually expelled as secretions but to magnify only that through colonoscopy and portray the whole body as carrier of drainage is wrong.

Some people have, more so of late, this tendency to magnify selectively the negatives at the expense of positives and probabilities and promote either intentionally or inadvertently a sort of negative ideological fixation among especially the gullible or vulnerable social media users and spoil their mindset too.

I think it is imperative that at least the so called elders and educated folks look for positives in everything and everywhere [devoid of any religious or ideological fixations] and also impart positive news, positive views, valuable comments and suggestions and create an atmosphere of positive vibes and vibrations.

Every place on the globe has lot of positives and Haryana has many of them.
So, let us not paint a whole state based on a few isolated issues or individuals.

What humanity needs is economic prosperity at present, pride of ancestry, hope for the future created through lovable positivity which must also ensure bequeathing a livable planet.

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