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Friday, August 19, 2016

Global governance is a good idea but a greater idea must be global concern

Global governance is a good idea but a greater idea must be global concern

Global aspirations must be inspired by universal and humane attitudes towards all for the benefit of everything including the whole environment taking into consideration the inevitable regional varieties and group identities as well as individual aspirations.

The word global too, unfortunately, become a much misused term by some vested interest groups who have covered up many deeds of international manipulations through creating homogeneity and to push through their hidden agenda of hegemony.

Most of us, obviously, review all existing problems and pleasures using our available or anchored identities of religions with all their scriptures, political systems with all their ideologies and so on.

This is perhaps the tool that we tend to see because the problems basically originated from these pools of knowledge and ideas and so we think that the solutions also must be available somewhere there so that we can recycle all the waste in those domains and create new toys with different names. But unfortunately that does not work that way.

I, like many other souls, on earth, have felt the need for happy co existence of humans all over the planet along with all other species and as a species actually contributing positively and more effectively for enhancing and making life more enjoyable and enlightened due to some unique faculties that human species possess over the rest and the huge advantage that science and technology offer to us.

However, the story is otherwise. We have complicated our life too much with excessive love for external identities and contaminated our thinking by interpreting all well meaning models of our ancestors by looking at through perverted and negative perspective and are perennially enjoy a sadistic pleasure from projecting a paranoiac bleak future.

If at all there is any method which can at least move in the direction of effecting the necessary changes to all these problems, then, it has to inevitable start with again some idea of global thinking, global attitude, global rules and regulations and so on.

But the problem arises as to in which areas of human life and nature can a global agenda or regulation work effectively because life in every aspect and in all its myriad manifestations reveals, revels and reverberates with variety.

Also whether global outlook and thinking can ever emerge as an idea, or as a culture or as a psychological attitude or as a social reality and accordingly it has to be implemented because very often good intentions do not get implemented as you cannot push them as another agenda and also they get struck due to excess of exaggerated expectations, in modern times also un wanted excessive publicity along with lack of realization of ground realities.

I have been very badly wanting a global perspective on everything on this planet and written with my limited perceptions and perspectives on many occasions on various issues on this.

My observation if we shift our emphasis from human life centric approach to boundary less or border less humane attitude centric attitude to evolve a lovable life at present with adequate prosperity for all and bequeath a livable planet for posterity

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