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Saturday, July 30, 2016

The TMK trail

The TMK trail

The nexus of cartel unveiled –Ford foundation like institution funding followed by Magsaysay award for peddling outdated leftist ideology.

Read this fully to understand that I have nothing against TMK and am not making any allegation without proof.

I wish all facts about the people like the ilk of TMK are exposed well so that he gets the taste of his own medicine.

These are for anyone who uses a platform to peddle out dated ideology and verbally [not intellectually] divert attention of literate masses from any real substance filled development activity or worthy contribution in any field.
I am placing here some mails exchanged blocking names because you know mafia kills its own team members.
This I wrote the following for a highly funded program at IIT   Madras benefitting a selected group financially of which the leader is TMK.

My mail :-

“I am an advocate of making optimum utilization of technology to classify, connect and decipher anything.

So, I understand and I am happy that you enabled me to make a note of and acquire knowledge from the perspective of highly intelligent group of enthusiastic youngsters who are doing a research to aid understanding of Carnatic music better by a wider range of/more number of rasikas which is an effort that is also a necessity of the hour.

From all those angles it is fine and thanks for making me getting enlightened on that score though I am not fully convinced about the overall outcome of this and please note never try to make convincing some oldies like me as part of your research nor let our observation discourage even a wee bit your work but probably you may also try to find and let me know whether my perspective could also be an aspect of your research if not an integral part of the project.

My only worry is in matters, especially in this context classical carnatic music, in essence, is very high on aesthetic sensitivity to which proper justice may not be rendered particularly in that aspect i.e 'aesthetic sensitivity' through scientific analysis. It is something to be tasted as a whole as you would a milagu [pepper and tamarind juice] rasam or a puliodarai sadam rather than prioritizing and preoccupying to find out the ingredients and their percentage of milagu[pepper] in a milagu rasam or percentage of tamarind in a puliodarai sadam.

I hope I made my point clear through this example as I am neither capable nor have the time to explain certain things through elaborate verbal expressions or professional jargon.

I also would have liked the team with all these enthusiastic lovers, proficient artists and techies and promoters of carnatic music to be having as advisers people with similar motives so that motivation will be focused and towards the goal but I am surprised how come cheap personal popularity seeking and self promoting TMK is part of the project.

I am also entitled to express my views. After all even yesterday's The Hindu newspaper[ I think N. Ram was absent ] for the first time has published a correct view about the present political scenario by a foreign national in its 9th page 'the article by David Cohen'after publishing all thrash including the ones by half baked small fries like TMK.”.

Reply to my mail-
Sri Balayogi,

“thanks for taking the time to write your comments.
The research being carried out at IIT is not analogous to dissecting a frog. Instead it is a research activity aimed at advanced signal processing to do pattern recognition and intelligent archiving of carnatic music. It is part of European Union funded initiative to explore music of various cultures using computational methods.
Let me give some use cases from Sangeethapriya itself. Let us say , I want to identify a rendering of bhairavi from sangeethapriya in which the raga alapana by vocalist is minimum of 10 mins. Or I want to locate a thani avartanam in which misra nadai has been played. Or a thani avartanam that is minimum 15 mins durations. Or I have some 100 MP3 files each of 3 hrs duration and each concert has to be split automatically into individual items and probably tagged automatically ??.

Today do we have a way to locate these tracks automatically ?? Unless we listen to each and every track, we wont know whether alapani is present or thani is present or misra nadai is present . How nice it will be if sangeethapriya has a search facility to search based on these search queries ??

Another example can be,  in Western music , they have achieved "hum" based music search. Let us say you have a song lingering in your mind, you heard it somewhere, you can not recollect the title of the song. You hum it in front of a computer and it will recognise and tell you what song it is. We dont have anything like that for Carnatic music. Doing this in Carnatic music is much more difficult due to variations from gamakas, "schools" etc. Still possible.

Or let us say, there is a thani avartanam piece that an artist has played and a budding student wants that to be transcribed so that he can play those phrases and learn from that. How nice it will be if computer can transcribe it and give the notation ??
Or let us say, a not-so-knowledgeable rasika attends a concert and the main artist sings a raga The rasika is not able to identify the raga, so either she/he has to ask the neighbor or keep quite and listen restlessly not knowing the raga. How nice it will be if there a iPhone app that is in "listening" mode that analysis the gamakas and jeeva swaras of the rendering and flashes the raga on the iPhone screen within 1 minute ?? The "frog dissection" is a first step towards this raga recognition.

And reg. the last usecase of splitting a 3 hour concert, the research at IIT has already yielded algorithms that can recognise that an item has ended based on raga change or claps from audience and can split a 3 hour long MP3 into individual tracks.

Regarding taking the help of leading musicians, Sri TM Krishna and Sri Umyalapuram Sivaraman are already advisers to the project.
Some techie musicians are also part of this project - Vignesh Iswhwar, Akshay Anantapadmanabhan

I urge you to go through to understand the full picture and about the results achieved so far so”.

On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 9:47 PM, Balayogi Venkataraman wrote:
Dear Brothers and Sisters at IIT,

I was aware of the works in acoustics department of IIT especially with regard to carnatic music.

I am happy about the great  efforts and very useful for beginners. I always feel we should never discourage good efforts through unloving criticism nor pamper and promote irrelevant things through uncritical love, nor ignore or be indifferent without placing on record our observation, especially if that can enhance or embellish the effort.

It is in this direction  as a matter of observation I feel no one can do enough justice to Carnatic music raga presentation through pieces or parts and make analysis through  dissection like a frog’s anatomy, because fundamentally carnatic music is not totally a staccato style of music nor is it merely a notation based reproduction of notes. So, unless it is rendered with crystal clear scales [with equally clear hamakas] like DR.M.Balamurali krishna or someone able to render the Jeevan/life or vital swaras of a raga in a short and quick alapana like Ariyakudiji or Kalakad Ramanarayana iyer [ unfortunately we do not have many recordings of both] or some flamboyant beginnings [like Shewag's batting or Vivian Richards batting] for example Vasudevayani varnam rendering of Madurai Somu, Sarasa sama dhana or Thathvamariya tarama of Madurai mani iyer etc wherein the vital aspect of raga is embellished within two minutes in a very crystal clear manner. Similarly many Nadahswaram vidwans’ or Violin vidwans’ or Veena vidwans’ renderings can be selected and embedded .

Neyveli Santhanagopalan has done a fine job in rendering pallavis within 10mts wherein the ragas along with their names are embedded in the sahityam.

People doing the research can also take the help of instrument players like Dr.M.Lalitha and M. Nandini or Veena Parthasarathy or the Jambhavan Shri T.N. Sheshagopalan sir and also take the work with people who are highly innovative but who stay in remote villages and therefore not much known in the carnatic circles for the simple reason they have not been in the circuits at Chennai or have not had reviews by the most preferred newspaper for fields like carnatic music but most biased news paper of South India ‘The Hindu’ [ the name is an irony] . I would like to mention two such great souls one did a recording [for my friend some 13 years back for blue lotus company] just within two days rendering all the 72 mela kartha ragas’ alapana with kritis and swaras as well Shri. Mohankrishna [unfortunately blind person] a disciple of Dr.M.balamuralikrishna and Advocate B.S.Manjunath, M.A, B.L,L.L.M,well versed in Music Key Board playing as Nadaswaram in Keyboard combining the sounds of Tenar Sax, Oboe, French Horn,Metalpad in different ratios and thus making the sound of Nadaswaram in the style of Dr Tiruvengadu Subramania Pillai and Vedaraniam Vedamurthy pillai! sample link here listen and get mesmerized

Some years back in the early 90s[ mostly between 90 to 96]  there was a lec dem by one bannerjee or mukherjee from France at music academy during the december season that too on a sunday morning two hours wherein he was trying his level best to impress the audience about a software based analysis of ragas and the audience included such great personalities like DR. Srivatsan, Mythreyi madam, Partahsarathy sir[musicologist],prof.S.Janakiraman etc. It was total confusion leading to chaos making everyone convinced that it did justice to neither carnatic music nor computer software and it was mere loads of jargon laden verbosity. I made it known during the question and answer session and Dr. srivatsan sir came out after the session and patted me on the back and said you have rendered a service by awakening the music academy committee to screen lec dems in future before presentation.[hope that particular lec dem is available in the archives of music academy]

last but not the least there would be no harm in including some classical raga based cine music bits too like MKT's songs ,film Hamsageetha's songs[kannada film for the best of all bhairavis etc.

wishing the team all the best.

Hope you all take these observations in good spirit.”.
Actually more than Naxals or terrorists it is people like Arvind kejeriwal, TMK, kamal hassan, charu hassan , N.Ram of Hindu etc who are more harmful because of the damage they do to Indian culture misusing their positional advantage and create a sense of inferiority complex among average normal human beings who move with pride in their nation and its culture. I love healthy criticism of anything and everything under the sky and I too do it but filthy half baked misplaced irrelevantly compared and evaluated judgmental nonsense always negatively portraying everything Indian and Hindu with an intention to seek cheap popularity in the name of observation is something which must be opposed by all. Tolerance also has its limits .passive indifference to such nonsense is not tolerance but a sign of cowardice and lack of pride in our nation and culture. This is a malady that the drifting Leftist ideologies create in all places, in all ages leaving people culture less, pride less, identity less living a life in vacuous inanity and nurtured inferiority complex and a sense of victim hood when there is none. It was initially used as a political brainwashing technique as a ploy to play by magnifying the societal disparities to dislodge the Empires in many parts of the world but then gradually these self appointed leaders of socialist movements and leftist ideologies gradually replaced the kings and carried on the same atrocities and enjoyed the same privileges as the kings knowing well that they could easily intoxicate the masses with catchy slogans, brainwashing ideological sign posts, selective presentation of victim hood etc

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