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Sunday, July 10, 2016

A question of synergy

Golden India will happen when Goals are Done with a very candid acceptance of our weaknesses and approach life and living with contextually relevant perspectives.

With this attitude we must start  making a  conscious endeavor to create synergy between on the one side the multiple raw talents, millions of natural resources, myriads of  useful traditions and cultures [ all of these of contextual relevance which help to enhance humanity on the whole in various spheres and many ways] and on the other a very clear cut scientific, systematic , structured, data driven, analytical approach so that in the long run the activities leading to fulfillment of goals do not relay on even on any single great individual-though that would be a great boon and motivating factor- but the systems in place will take care of them.

This synergy is needed in every sphere, I repeat in every sphere is necessary and it is a sacred marriage which can deliver great babies for a prosperous posterity.

Though we are all tempted to see India always as golden, it need not necessarily be just a future dream or hope or illusion.

This could be more out of our ethno centric pride mixed with nationalistic ferventness or fanaticism.

In a way it is also justifiable because the reality is we are a nation with immense unearthed and underutilized potential, so in that sense, yes, we need to ensure to deliver a Golden India –which means it is obviously a work in progress geared towards a future date of delivery.

But it is more than possible because we are nation with a pride of ancestry and hence with a great hope for future.

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