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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bharat or India meanders through its own destiny

I pity people who still read The Hindu and Vinod Metha's views are as distorted as his back and he has become senile 10 years ago.

Modi euphoria is well justified for which you need have really bird's eye view of world history and in particular Indian history starting from the time of Adi Shankara, meandering through, Swami Vivekananda, through Annie Besant, JK, Paramacharya of kanchi mutt shri .Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy to Modi for those who may ,and many are expected to,feel what these comparison have in common in simple terms they have popped up to prop up the degenerating morale of Bharath and unite them in an organized and rational manner .

The soul of Bharath performs this with unfailing regularity but only after the damaging trends reach a saturation point so that the common folks do not revert back to the malign cancers.

But for Adi shankar we could not have had even the many scriptures of Sanathana Dharma in place with various warring factions and the very docile but life denying philosophy of Bhuddhism expanding and almost leading the population into two categories the warring multiple sects of Hinduism and the passive followers of  Bhuddism [ we would have ended up as TIbet];

But for swami Vivekananda the great wisdom of Sanathan dharma would have been known to the world and to many of us too who do not know Sanskrit;

But for Annie Besant and her influence on Hume we would not have started a group to fight the Britishers;

But for Maha periyava Paramacharya of kanchi mutt shri .Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy who was responsible for introducing article 26 in the constitutions we would not have had even the rights legally to worship in temples or do homoms and pujas at home ;

But for JK we would not have had a re look into the spiritual and philosophical inquiry into life beyond our rituals and

But for Modi the idiom of political debate would not have crossed the fences of secularism, communal-ism, cast-ism with pampering a particular segment with temporary appeasements and freebies and creating an unfounded paranoia on the other but now it has gone into the most important enclosure , thanks to Modi, healthy trend of looking into politics as a tool for good governance, economic development, employment creation, industrial growth generation, improving agricultural economy , providing enough infrastructure in the rural areas etc.

The lesson is if you are denied US visa on the basis of wrong reports you can become a PM.

It is not as much do with Modi's destiny it is more to do with Bharath's destiny.

Our nation is destined to become a super power and therefore the forces that can ensure that have been thrown up by nature in her great wisdom and it is the soul of nature which has influenced the minds of millions despite the N.Rams and Vinod Methas

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