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Monday, July 18, 2016

Discipline and pampering of Children

Discipline and pampering of Children

I may not agree because

1. It is a very populist generalization;

2. Individual humane feelings of love and affection, at least within the family, must be allowed to express itself without any restraint at the moment rather than molding it to condition for a projected/presumed far off future state of life;

3. Human souls must behave like human souls with humane qualities of concern and care irrespective who they are and therefore cannot be reduced to churning out socially acceptable products or as executors of contractual obligation;

4. In spite of everything the context or situational exigencies may turn out to be otherwise. For example the most loving child who would like to take care of the parents genuinely may be forced to stay far away to make a living and ensure his/her own survival. So in such cases it is not any willful negligence but an inevitable necessity of fate;

5. Life must be always be lived in the present and enjoyed and made enjoyable for others around creating comforts, providing happiness and contributing to peace to the extent one can afford;

6. Whatever roles out ultimately must be gracefully accepted a design for a particular soul or decide to fight out despite any circumstance good or bad.

7. The word ‘discipline’ is the most ill defined and abused term often used to label conditions  that do not disturb a particular status quo either of religious, social, traditional or cultural identity;

8. Anything that curbs the freedom of expression and experiencing of life of an individual soul cannot be a discipline- yes with a rider if it is harmful and hurting to anyone then it has to be curtailed for reasons of social harmonious co existence and this need not include following any particular way of dressing, specific observance of rituals, accepting every existing mode of expected behavior without questioning or following any prescribed forms of morality;

9. We all need to know that morality is not something downloaded from very ancient scriptures which were not even aware of any of the multiple complications and complexities of modern life.


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