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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Media and left

I am happy that the media mafia menace reaching a saturation point, I mean that they along with Cong and the leftover Indian Left will disappear from public attention.                  

 Actually these peddlers of poverty and illiteracy have ensured to keep poverty intact. Yes a sickening and outdated ideology to be kept in the attic of a museum of fossil genetic samples but it unfortunately permeates into political discussions. 

While polarity principle is inherent in all spheres of life, some people can never get rid of the old scripts as those types of stereotypical sloganeering get sensational attention, mostly in political and religious domains, namely the slogans on the victim hood versus victor, the poor versus rich, the have versus have-nots, the hero-villain etc.

They magnify and mutilate to present the polarity as a difference injected to inflict specific sufferings depending on the targets they want to choose and the result they want to achieve. That's why poverty is a very rich business and victim hood portrayal is lucrative ideology.                    

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