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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Endocrinology and Biochemistry

Endocrinology and Biochemistry of our anatomy is , I would say, not yet fully mapped domains much less better understood domains because they do not offer much billing in terms of gadgets and structural correction surgeries. But a better investigation and greater knowledge of these two are more important than surgeries and other treatments.

I actually got more interested in these after I read a news item of some people escaping the damaging impact of Bhopal gas tragedy as they were performing Agnihotra. First as usual I dismissed it as another case of religious ritual marketeers opportunistic publicity.
Then I thought why not find out whether there was really any chem
ical cover which was either protecting or counter acting the gases released. I started approaching some people, scientists, reading some materials then I was convinced to a certain extent yes that there could be some amount of positive effect and wrote this article in 1996 in Indian Express [now posted in my blog link given below]

subsequently I also monitored using pulse oximeter of people before, during and after Agnihotra as also people before and after consuming half a liter of Thulsi soaked water. I also did a similar study with alcohol consumption.

I did some one people working in petrol bunks selling unleaded petrol and people walking in beaches, people sitting and working in small asbestos ceiling covered small rooms etc.

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