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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Education policy changes

To the Honorable Education minister ,

Let there be more emphasis on pure science, data, technology, software application, usage of internet, practical trade and economy, agriculture, environment, healthcare, hygiene, genomics, social service, crisis management, values of relationship, attitudes, tolerance etc.

Data about availability of various resources, raw materials, products in various places of India. Importance of each and every district etc.

Minimum of history  containing just referral to  important contributors to India in various fields starting from agriculture, army, music, dance, various folk and classical arts of India, administration, medicine, engineering etc .

Talk about climate and geological advantages of various locations of India.
Totally avoid political history as that would save children reading all the bluff and also avoid controversies and TV time debates.

I think future generation would benefit better and motivated to contribute more if we taught them how an ordinary civil engineer conceived and built a highway with what machines and technology , how many workers and how the whole project was managed etc in for example Maharastra than knowing when Nehru and Gandhi met and where and why? How many time some emperor invaded and how many wives another emperor had?

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