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Friday, September 11, 2015



Understanding the Role of certain things/aspects of Life and Living in tune with such an understanding in terms of contextual relevance will reveal the reality of/reason behind many things and lead to better understanding and more COMPASSION.

Compassion is not a mere mumbo jumbo of maudlin sentimental doting of emotion  sounding more like sustaining self pity or bartering of your time, space and resources for someone else in a patronizing attitude inflicting more psychological pain leading to furthering the differences, divisions and driving in complexities.

Compassion must evolve from a comprehensive comprehension of complexities, complications, conflicts etc in specific contexts wherein they happen and also the contexts that they create etc.

Compassion must ensure to re- establish the connectivity to manifest and make us understand the interconnectedness and inherent commonality among all.

Compassion is a clear balancing act born out realization of the necessity to reciprocate to some and reach out to all.

Because we need to remember one thing while all of us feel the need for unity, what unity needs is feeling for all by all.
Ensuring compassion involves a process which just requires us to be consciously aware of the role of various aspects of life and living, their context and connectivity.

In this process we need to put lots of things in the cauldron of the thinking and understanding, actions and reactions, interactions and relations etc and churn out and observe the reactions, relevance and relationship of all those things.  

The following is the selection of much generalized version of some of the things that come to my mind which I feel one can drop inside  that cauldron and wait and watch the churning process and the outcome.

Thoughts, information and /or knowledge of /in various domains, intellect, conscious awareness, perception, tools of perception, logic, reason, evaluations, purpose of evaluations, tools of evaluations, understanding and application of understanding, social values, social interactions, individual and/or collective emotions/feelings, psychology, cultural contexts, ideological identities which influence that very thought process, imaginations, dreams, fantasies, scientifically established facts, intelligent questioning, attitudes, willingness and ability to understand and solve problems, bio-chemical components  of human beings and /or some other species as well, application of  highest physical laws etc

We need not in to the details of everything nor resort to specialization but must ensure awareness, acknowledgment and acceptance of the exact, not exaggerated, influence/impact of everything/everyone in different contexts.
Based on this limited premise let us embark on to unravel and understand the role of certain things.

The word Role is loosely used to include/indicate a whole range of connotations /factors like impact/influence/interconnectedness, reason etc

Main mantra’ or ‘Important Truth’ is that everyone and everything are interrelated, interconnected and inter - dependent.

We can understand this through any subject or frame of reference by means of which we try to understand the dynamics of life or the web of life.

How we relate and what for we relate with others and things manifests in our thinking, actions and reactions and sometimes reveals in the consequences or results as well.

Items like society, economy, politics, data, peace, happiness etc have not been separately mentioned as they are all dealt in many links within the major links given below because they are so inextricably interconnected with many other aspects of life either directly or as part of interplay of life.                                            
 Various Roles
Role of understanding the importance and intricacies of Interrelatedness

Role and responsibility of Education

Role of Context and clarity of understanding

Role of Relationships

Role of Parents

Role of Identity

Role of revelation of all Stories/ what is involved in all stories?

Role of Religion

Role of Languages or tools of communication

Role of Life

Role of Environment

Role of Attitude

Role of Love

Role of Reading/Books

Role of personality Development

Role of Passion

Role of Technology

Role of Peace, Harmony and Unity

Role of Emotions

Role of Values, Principles and Systems and how to embed them in our daily life

Role of Empowerment

Role of Nature and Biodiversity             

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