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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Parents -entire gamut

Parenting involves too many things with too much of involvement.

Many of which are contradictions, blatant manifestations of hypocrisy etc.

Still, they all work together with too many strong ,personal , interpersonal emotions like care, concern, some amount of possessiveness, obsessive protectionism, sentimentalism, indescribable love which does not seek reciprocation, being and wanting to be physically and mentally available , wanting and willing to eagerly participate in the growth and evolution of the children etc.

All of these can be realized only when one becomes or is a parent.

Parenting is an opportunity to enjoy life with a new relationship by making a matured and pleasant journey with a less aged and less matured person's understanding; adjusting to his/her whims and fancies with all the parental concerns and pampering and also assuaging his/her  unhappy moments without preventing him/her  from realizing that unhappiness is also an inevitable part of life; do one's best to minimize it by many means but at the same time not totally masking a factual situation or stark reality with our overbearing emotional or sentimental affection, sometimes at the cost of inconvenience to others

Parenting never stops in the mind of the parent: - initially it is an obsessive occupation with a combination of irritations and interesting things, and then it becomes a routine responsibility, slowly recedes into receptive spectator-ship but always remains a relationship working with renewed vigor at every juncture.                             

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