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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Composed mind is all about balance

What is a composed mind?

Morning first message I get is about is what is a composed mind?

Let me put it this way how do we know it, i.e. composed mind? We all know it is needed or at least wished for, not merely verbally but as a matter of fact.

Lack of it is what is causing ill treatment of senior citizens or derailment of many relationships and increasing the visits to psychiatrists.

It does not require great knowledge in any field or any specific spiritual exercise or any particular philosophical concept etc. The moment mind starts to follow predefined specific routes, it is gradually getting rooted into some identity and therefore vulnerable to conflict with a different identity.

So what is or are the acid test[s] of composed mind?

Last week there was news about a computer program that predicts death

But I can assure you no technology can predict human intentions.

Acid test of a composed mind involves basically a question of balance and prioritizing our choices, actions and decisions with contextual relevance.

It is a question of arranging a balance between being firm on certain values and principles and at the same time confirm to certain obligations;

Trying hard to be great in whatever we do but be honest and humble enough to be grateful to whoever has helped us on the way to greatness etc;

Being rooted in certain humane values and not hesitating to uproot anything that goes against those values even if they have been part of our society or culture;

Being useful to all others around us everywhere without allowing being misused or abused by others;
Synchronizing our intentions and actions without pretensions;

Being involved without interfering;

Living life enjoying every moment of it rather than merely passing through different motions of existence as if life itself was an obligation made up of several parts.

I like Zen principles which teach many of these things.

No matter whatever we do, we must ensure minimum of hurt to others, in all aspects emotional, psychological, physical etc, especially at least to those who are part of our extended self our parents, children, spouse[s], colleagues, society, country men, and the whole of human race and environment and it can extend beyond these too.

Everyone and everything is some point of reference in life and a pointless object to be treated with indifference.

In brief we must ensure that we are the subject and subject matter of life and understand how we are interrelated and interconnected with others.

We must not allow ourselves to be looked upon as an object- an object that can perform certain function –because in that case it is only logical that a better performing object can always replace us.

This is how even relationships are getting ruined, there is nothing wrong in expectations but what are the expectations and what is the extent of them?

Present day marriages are negotiated like contracts with specifications of one being decorated doll or ATM? It would be better to have them rather than getting into a relationship with another human being. The society needs to rethink.

This is also one of the reasons why senior citizens are not treated with love and affection because we feel that as an object they are less useful, less attractive etc but fail to realize they were the very substance of our life, they were the ones who guided us through life, they were the pillars of support on which we grew etc

We can be engaged in any activity but ensure to prioritize with contextual relevance which again is a sign of composed mind. Contextual relevance must preferably be the predominant feature/factor of our choices and decisions at any point of time.

"Test a servant while in the discharge of his duty, a relative in difficulty, a friend in adversity, and a wife in misfortune".- Chanakya

So a mind can be composed even amid the worst calamities and catastrophes if only it learns the art of balancing. It is okay for human beings, being a species which is primarily animal to have certain momentary aberrations, annoyances, and keeping in abeyance certain values but they must not become permanent feature life or culture or society. 

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