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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Priorities according to our national requirements

Indians live on presumptions and imaginations; illusions and hope. Love to fall prey to narratives.


Those who think in India there is no bribe, no bias, no discrimination, no lobbies, no PR , no sycophancy and everything is biz friendly fall into that category.

Dream: 2

Things can happen without contacts, connections, currency or sponsors, individuals​​ holding a good post or position, professional accomplishment or achievement ( don't confuse this with professional skills, knowledge or ability), sycophancy to authoritarian rulers etc.

Dream : 3

There is humanitarian concern, social harmony, good infrastructure, great opportunities, good governance, economic prosperity etc.

Let us not resort to consolations based on comparisons. If that is the case the previous government will say compared to 1950 we improved infra in 65 years.


We are becoming a great nation through the better image that India has now in the world.

In reality we can become better and great only when set our priorities according to our national requirements in terms of what matters more to life and when this is in tune with the global expectations, aspirations, trends and requirements then , only then​,​ we can go around holding our head high, heart without fear with pride in our ancestry and hope for future.

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