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Wednesday, April 21, 2021


We suffer from inexplicable contradictions.

Listing and Linking.

If anyone from within our own circle is talented, skilled, achieves we hesitate to praise them and instead start comparisons, LIST what are all the things that went in his/ her favor etc. and wait for decades to recognize.

Whereas, someone who has migrated before teens or during early childhood and achieves something, then suddenly, we start LINKING all sorts of Indian connections and go ga ga about it.

NASA scientist Dr. Swathi Mohan is a celebrated aerospace engineer who has achieved what very few in India would have even dreamt about. But she went to the US when she was one year old, she is an AMERICAN, not an Indian. Worst part is almost all media head narratives were like ' bindi porting or bindi wearing' as if that contributed to her scientific skills or that mattered at all. 

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