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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

While waiting for the IPL match to start and Virus to end



While waiting for the IPL match to start and Virus to end.


When at first the virus hit the world it was a blinder supposedly from bat, but it has clean bowled many. It is also easily clearing all boundaries and creating maximum impact [to use the IPL terminology]. Was it from the blade or slicing it no one knows? However, within a matter of a few weeks many were caught unawares. It took some time for everyone to realize that tackling this virus is a different ball game, which offered no specific approach or run up or practice.  


Administrations went all out as the pandemic was all around. They took guard and tried all defenses, wore gloves, protective covers for face, from cover moved onto extra-cover, everyone was asked to stay away at a good length of six feet away. However, gradually, all were running out of ideas. They offered various statistical averages to project their better handling. However, they went on the back foot when confronted with some hard facts.


Even the medical fraternity was stumped though they filled the field with all possible diagnosis and treatments. However, at times, there seemed to be no point in many well intended measures as the virus gave a few slips and moved from gully to gully. Some good Samaritans pitched in with all help while some were busy spinning conspiracy theories with silly points, turning the attention from remedies to gossips and breaking hopes.


The pace of the spread inevitably forced lock downs. Certain areas were declared as containment zones which were like the crease with a wicket keeper standing close to the stumps, people were cautioned not to leave outside. Many things concerning life were slowly moving into the corridor of uncertainty and so everyone was tentative in attempting to show the full face to drive boldly into any activity and instead settled for gliding past immediate necessities. Everyone knows that when the virus is on its way at great pace it cannot be hooked away, or ducked away or play a Marillier shot, one has to just take the shots of vaccines. Some were also flicking whatever they could get as society on the whole was swinging between protecting life and providing livelihood. Everyone is awaiting economies to bounce back to normal.

However, well covered and padded up to bat against the virus it found the block hole and clean bowled everyone. Scientists also bowl googlies- from transmitted through droplets to drifting through air etc., though initially it was thought to be the work of Chinaman.

‘Hi’s were replaced by ‘byes’ and hesitant glances.

There were crowd catches of paranoid hypochondriacs, especially excessive media focus and social media obsession tried fishing or to cut through an overload of information delivered wide away from the pitch of actual activity and dropped wildly to prey on news hungry crowds who were on the edge of their seats to read the scores, strike rate of infected, cured, dead etc., though, in the story of life no one carries the bat and any innings has to end. They do not realize that studying a follow through cannot help one to predict the trajectory of the ball. The beauty is no one knows when the spell of virus will end.

Many had got seriously infected but it was French cut and were back to take on the field.   


It was a belter for online and IT services. It has come to stay firmly and may end up firming up and approving major decisions like a third umpire.


While everyone thought as it has come after a century it would be just a 2020 affair, though, it has started to test with its second and third innings. We only wish that this bowler



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